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Easiest Solution to Scrape Web: Scrapestack

Scrapestack is a simple and easy to use solution for people who want to access websites with IP blocks and proxy issues. Users are only required to put the full website URL and the page will be accessible without revealing their geo location or any technical issues. The scrapestack IP address data comes from numerous proprietary data sources. The sources are strictly monitored to ensure high quality and consistency of data. Scrapestack is capable of handling millions of API requests in a day.

Scrapestack allows customer to scrape websites at a very high speed along with advanced features like concurrent API requests, CAPTCHA solving, JavaScript rendering and option of 100+ global locations. The 100+ global location option allows customers to choose any geo-target and scrape websites without any hassle. These locations include many prominent cities around the world.

Monthly plans

There are five subscription plans for scrapestack that are designed to address the needs of different type of customers. These packages are monthly but upon yearly subscription there is a 20% discount on the per month charges.

  • Free: this plan is free to use. It allows limited support with 10.000 requests per month. The basic purpose of this plan is to let users get familiarized with scrapestack and identify their needs.
  • Basic: basic package includes 250.000 requests with unlimited support along with HTTP encryption, concurrent requests, JavaScript rendering and 100+ geolocations. This basic is only $19.99 per month.
  • Professional: in addition to features of basic plan, professional plan offers, 1.000.000 requests and premium proxies for only $79.99 per month. This subscription plan is more suitable for professionals who have more requirements than individuals.
  • Business: business plan is almost same as professional plan with additional premium support and 3.000.000 requests for only $149.99 per month.
  • Enterprise: this is mainly for big enterprises who are looking for customized plans. Therefore, customized solutions along with main features are offered to enterprises as per their business requirements. The pricing is also customized.

Mode of Payment

In order to provide ease to the users, scrapestack uses very ease payment methods like PayPal or credit cards, both visa and Mastercard are acceptable. High volume customers and organizations can even request for bank transfers option. Payment method can be changed at any given time.

The process of using scrapestack is very simple. Users must create an account and start scraping web pages. Each user will have their own scrapestack dashboard which will show all the information about their usage and subscription package. New customers can opt for free of cost subscription plan, which is also called a trial subscription, to check the quality and speed of scrapestack. This unique feature helps users decide if they want to continue using scrapestack or not.

Scrapestack can handle more than a billion requests a month, with average uptime of 99%. It has about 2000 customers who are satisfied with the service, including big names like YouTube, eBay, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google, and Amazon.


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