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Everything you need to know about Zenserp

It has become quite challenging to scrap search result pages from the various search engines. This is owing to the fact that all search engines, including Google, have put some strict regulation services in place for dealing with scraping SERPs programmatically. If you want to get around these restrictions, you need to use an effective SERP API. Zenserp is one option which would not let you down.

A bit about Zenserp

Zenserp is quite an intuitive and effective option that users will find helpful in scrapping search engine page results. There are no interruptions, and the process is done in real-time. A simple code is all that it takes wherein you can integrate it with any site and improve its ranking on SERP. The code is available in various forms, including Python, CURL, PHP, and Node.js.

About Zenserp SERP API

The tool is quite scalable and offers sustainable performance. Using it is quite simple, and it is unlikely that you would face any difficulties in understanding the tool. It provides you with results in JSON format, which further enhances the convenience that it offers. Human behavior is also incorporated in this API wherein SERPs are returned in the same way as would be seen by a regular user. The API is backed by a powerful infrastructure as well. This tool can also be used by people for obtaining search engine results according to their geo-locations.

Zenserp is a suitable option for freelancers and people running small or medium businesses. You will find this tool to be quite feasible and reliable as it would provide you with the results that you are looking for. Their customer support service is prompt and can be reached online.

Pricing and plans of Zenserp

Pricing and plans of Zenserp

At the end of the day, pricing is of immense importance as it influences the financial input that your business requires. The minimum price for Zenserp is $9.99 monthly. Four different plans are offered including Basic, which costs you $9.99 in a month and small wherein the monthly cost is $19.99. The medium plan would cost you $49.99 in a month while the large plan requires you to pay a monthly charge of $119.9. Custom plans are also offered which pay heed to your requirements.

The basic plan

As the name implies, this is suitable for basic usage. You are billed $9.99 monthly, and the billing is done annually. The plan can handle up to 2000 requests in a month. Limited support with HTTPS encryption form part of it.

Small plan

This plan offers higher volumes with more features. 5000 requests can be handled in a month, and you enjoy unlimited support. All the features of the basic plan are included in this one, and you also get service level agreement.

Medium plan

This is perhaps the most preferred choice of most people using Zenserp. Covering up to 15000 requests per month, it has all the features which form part of the small plan.

Large plan

40000 requests are covered in this plan in a month along with all the other features that you can look for.

Custom plan

This allows you to create your own pricing place based on your requirement. Thus, you would only be paying for the features that you need.

Final words

All in all, it is safe to say, that Zenserp is an easy to use and effective API tool which would provide you with your desired results at an affordable rate. All that you need to make sure of is that you select the right plan.


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