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5 Quick Ways to Remove Watermark from Photos

If you have a presentation, a company project or any form of official report you have to submit, then you would most likely need to attach pictures, graphics or images at some point. However, you won’t always have access to free photos or be able to create yours. In situations like this, there is only one last resort, using protected images.

In the article we will have a look at 5 ways to get rid of the watermark, so that you could choose the best of them.

P.S. Bear in mind that illegally removing the watermark from a stock image is a copyright violation, and the original owner can sue you accordingly. If possible, kindly purchase the right to use any stock image.

However, there are other cases where you may think of how to remove a watermark from a photo. Such instances include when you need a watermarked picture you created yourself for a different purpose, or when you buy a stock photo, but it is sadly still watermarked.

So, below, we will outline 5 methods describing how to remove watermarks from pictures.

Method 1: How to Get Rid of Watermarks on Pictures Using Photoshop

Photoshop is a robust and versatile photo editor that boasts excellent photo editing capabilities. Still, the major downside to using Photoshop is that it requires a great deal of learning to use it proficiently. Although there are several tutorials that can walk you through the process, they all require a reasonable amount of time to grasp. Also, Photoshops runs a subscription service, so it’s not entirely free.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of watermarks on photos using Photoshop.

Step 1: Launch Photoshop

Run Photoshop and import the watermarked photo

Step 1

Step 2: Choose the Clone Stamp Tool

Switch to the Tool panel and click on Clone Stamp. Modify its size as per your preference. Hold Alt on your keyboard and highlight the area around the watermarked text.

Step 2

Step 3: Get Rid of the Watermark

Photoshop will automatically pick a sample of the color from the area around the watermark. Paste the surrounding color over the text to completely cover the watermark so that the entire area assumes a uniform look.

Step 3

Method 2: How to Remove Watermark from Pictures Using PhotoWorks

The hallmark of any good photo editor is its simplicity and user-friendliness. If you are looking for an extremely easy-to-use and effective tool to remove watermarks from pictures, then we suggest PhotoWorks.

PhotoWorks is automatic photo editing software that uses a smart technology for portrait photo enhancement. It allows you to tweak the colors and tones of images, fix distortions and perspective in pictures, and use a range of various background tools and face sculpting features. There are also more than 180 filters and photo effects to choose from for all your editing needs.

Here’s how to remove watermarks from a picture using PhotoWorks:

Step 1: Launch PhotoWorks and Choose Healing Brush

Run PhotoWorks and import the watermarked photo. Navigate to the Retouch Tab and select Healing Brush.

Step 1

Step 2: Delete the Watermark

Choose your preferred brush size and then paint over the watermark to get rid of it.

Step 2

Step 3: Review and Save the Changes

Hit apply once you are done editing. Click the save icon to save your image.

Step 3

Method 3: Get Rid of Watermark on Mac

You can also remove watermarks from photos on a Mac system. There are several photo editing tools you can use. The Super Eraser is a decent photo editing program for Mac. This software is easy to use and can get rid of watermarks in only a few minutes.

Once you open Super Eraser, navigate to the Tools tab, and choose a special tool called the Eraser Button. This tool will help you automatically remove any attached watermarks on the photo. However, it doesn’t do a perfect job of removing highly graphical or complex texts and logos. So, if it isn’t a very simple watermark, it is recommended that you look for a more suitable photo editor.

Method 4: Remove Watermark from Photo Using an Online Editor

If you prefer a more direct route without having to use any applications or software, you can try an online watermark removal tool. However, bear in mind that they are very limited in use and will often require a very stable internet connection as most online editors often lack a saving function. Besides, remember that your files may never be totally safe or private with online editors.

One such online photo editor you may try is Webinpaint. It is a straightforward online photo editor that automatically removes watermark from photos.

Method 5: Manually Crop the Photo

You can also remove watermarks from a photo by cropping it if the watermark is close to the edge or side of the picture. This way you can crop out the main parts of the photo you wish to retain.

PhotoWorks has a perfect cropping tool as it provides several grid overlays and cropping frames to help you retain the natural composition and shape of the photo.

Crop Photo

In conclusion, the best method of removing watermarks from pictures will depend on how well you can use each of the photo editing tools. Some aren’t as straightforward as you would like, and in terms of performance, some photo editors definitely perform better than others. Regardless, the ideal photo editing tool is one that allows you to seamlessly edit photos, in the least possible time and with very minimal graphic skill or training

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