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Teamstack – The Ultimate SAAS Product For Your Convenience

Technology has assumed a pivotal role in the growth of every business. These days, companies mostly opt for digital storage of all their files. This makes the organization more manageable and also makes it easy to access the required data in less time.

There is no denying that storing files digitally has ample benefits. However, you also need to be cautious about the secrets of your business being accessed by someone unauthorized. Therefore, it is crucial that you take adequate measures to ensure optimal digital security. Teamstack is one product that can make things easier for you in more ways than one.

The perfect combination of convenience and security

A lot of products that provide top-notch security tend to be complicated and thus require a lot of time for understanding and working through them. This is not something you will have to face with Teamstack. It will save you a lot of time and allow the growth of your team smoothly via automating identity. At the same time, it will ensure that you get optimal security and do not have to stress over your business details getting into the wrong hands.

List of Apps

Using Teamstack, you can manage various applications on the web and mobile with a lot of ease. This SAAS product has the trust of more than 750 teams throughout the world. Therefore, reliability is not something you need to ponder on when you use it.

Tools and features

The best thing about Teamstack is that it makes sure that people are connected through technology without putting security at risk. Via Teamstack, the users can make full use of the pre-built integrations and sign into applications without any password needed through multi-factor authentication (MFA). The one-click user provisioning and single sign-on ensure that you do not have to compromise on convenience.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Teamstack has all the tools you are likely to need in managing the digital side of your business effectively. It is vital that the applications of a company are easily accessible by its team. This holds true for the custom-built premise, cloud-based, and even integrated proposition. Only then can you be assured that work will not be compromised due to extreme security measures. This is what you get with Teamstack.

The features you get with Teamstack include one Multi-Factor Authentication, Cloud Directory, One-Click Provisioning, SAML & Form-Based Authentication, and password-less login, among others.

One-Click Provisioning

Top-notch security ensured

Every business owner wishes to ensure that his business is protected in the best way possible. Who wouldn’t want the best security for his company details and files? With Teamstack, not only do you get the best in class security but also ample accessibility features. Thus, it also increases efficiency and saves time, along with providing you with much-needed protection.

With Teamstack, you can keep control of the internal processes of your company via multi-factor authentication. It allows you to specify the log-in locations allowed to your team and also maintain IP blacklists. Thus, the security of your business is completely in your hands, and you can take all the measures needed to make sure that no details are leaked.

You can use the Audit trail to keep track of any action related to your company. This feature allows you to keep the fraudulent attempts of log-in at bay. There is little chance of your privacy being breached and data getting into the wrong hands owing to this. You will be alerted if anyone makes such an attempt, giving you ample time to take the required measures.

Extended Audit Trail

You can use Teamstack to give specific members of your team the right to authenticate via Multi-factor authentication. Another option is enforcing it for the whole company.

Additional settings

Valuing your convenience

It is apparent that utmost attention has been given to make sure that users get optimal convenience via Teamstack. If you are unsure whether you would be able to understand the software, you can make use of the training they offer. They have in-person training, live online sessions, and webinars as well. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you will have trouble understanding how to use it to your full benefit.

In case you do encounter some problem, you can always reach out to their customer support service. They have a team of highly competent and experienced professionals who will guide as per your need throughout the week at any time of the day.

Final words

Teamstack is quite easy to use. People who have used it have loved everything that it has to offer. Using the functionalities that it has to offer, you can safeguard the interests of your company by protecting the details in the best possible manner.

They also offer a free trial, so you can use it to decide if it is suitable for your business. Rest assured, once you give it a try, you would not be able to stay away from it. You can use our discounted coupons to avail the features that Teamstack has to offer and take your business to greater heights.

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