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10 Best Graphic Design Courses to Take Online

Working in the graphic design industry is an amazing experience as it allows an individual to express one’s creativeness while making money. If you are just beginning your career path or considering a change of direction, graphic design is a viable option. It’s a great choice because it provides an ability to work on anything you like – whether it is creation of logos or fonts. After all, the age of the Internet and technologies created a solid demand for specialists.

Either you decided to get into graphic design or enhance your current skills, this article will serve as a great helpful list of tools to do so. This read is a list of some of the best graphic design courses that can be taken online. So, these ten options can be useful for anyone interested in this direction; some of them are categorized by the source website.



#1. MasterClass – Kelly Wearstler

Let’s begin with a niche course created Kelly Wearstler. Her course is focusing on interior design and the secrets behind the use of colors, patterns, textures, and other things to create a vision of a bold, spacy, and unique interior. This course will be highly useful for people who like modeling interior design both on paper and computer.

#2. MasterClass – Will Wright

The second entry on the list is also from the same source as the previous one but if you are alerted by this, go check MasterClass review. Will Wright’s course is about art and science behind game design. He’s the expert – after all, he is a person behind games such as Sims and SimCity. The course focuses on the creation of games that allow players to express themselves.



#3. Coursera – UI/UX Design Specialization

This is yet another rather narrow course in terms of specialization. While it requires some experience, it’s a great source of knowledge for anyone interested in UI/UX design. The program consists of four courses that are aimed at developing one’s skills in this niche. It might actually be a good idea to combine it with the next entry on this list.

#4. Coursera – Graphic Design Specialization

This course is not as specific like the previous entries. It is more of a course that’s tailored for newbies who want to acquire those fundamental skills that are used in graphic design. The program is broken down into several courses that are finished with a capstone project, where students will be able to develop their own brand development guide for a company that they come up with. The capstone itself is quite interesting as companies value branding and the power it provides.



#5. Udemy – Graphic Design Masterclass

Sounds pretty straightforward, but this is the most selling course on the platform in its category. The program includes the development of skills in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator (tools that are often used in a variety of directions) while providing other crucial information about the design process in general. It also features lots of downloadable resources that will be useful for anyone interested in graphic design.

#6. Udemy – Adobe CC Masterclass: Photoshop, Illustrator, XD & InDesign

Yet another course tailored for beginners, although it is more specific. The program is focused on providing students with the knowledge to effectively use Adobe CC to develop their own creations. These are some of the quintessential tools that are used by graphic designers in virtually any direction, so signing up for such a course might be a great idea.



#7. SkillShare – Logotype Masterclass: Jessica Hische

This is an excellent course for those who are looking to improve their current skills and those who want to start somewhere. It consists of 13 videos and provides useful tips for creating a logo, polishing it with Illustrator, and developing a larger scale picture for a company or brand.

#8. SkillShare – Data Visualisation: Nicholas Felton

This entry is quite unconventional as not many people think of data visualization when hearing about graphic design. The program was created by the person behind Facebook’s timeline so his course is a great way to learn more about visualizing large chunks of data and infographics.

#9. Poster Design – Ellen Lupton

This free course is quite interesting as it provides a student with an opportunity to gain some insights in the art of creating posters. These tutorials provide information on how to capture the audience through colors, how to create a story, and how to tell a story!



#10. LinkedIn Learning – Become a Graphic Designer

Just like the previous two entries, this is one is tailored for individuals who want to get a grasp of graphic design from zero and start creating sophisticated projects. The very scope of this particular program is impressive as it includes 11 courses with more than 22 hours of video tutorials. These courses are aimed at giving the tools to launch one’s career in the field.

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