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5 Web Design Trends That You Should Implement Now to Face 2021

Are you planning to have your website or redesign the one you already have? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll bring you some of the most important web design trends for next year!

Web design is an area that is in constant evolution, not only because it is made up of the most creative area of any company but also because it is also governed by Google’s premises in terms of SEO positioning and euro marketing studies.

As you can see, web design is more than choosing beautiful colors and typography. A web design must create a page in collaboration with the development area and with the web positioning department to launch an attractive, functional website, suitable for any device and that facilitates organic positioning.

When preparing a web design we usually analyze what the competition is doing or see which aesthetics best suits the philosophy of the company but, also, we must attend to the innovations that loom over the online scene.

We must know how to anticipate what is to come in order to create web pages that respond to the demands of users. Undoubtedly, one of the trends that has been gaining strength in recent years is design for mobile devices. Having a website adapted to these devices is no longer a fad, it is essential. Nowadays, it’s a really hard decision to select an ecommerce platform that can solve all your problems and make a good venture for long-term business.

According to a study carried out by Sales force, the traffic that comes from both mobile phones and Tablets to eCommerce now accounts for more than 60%. With this in mind, we are going to comment on the main web design trends for 2021. Let’s get started!


User experience has a clear tendency to personalize and is one of the main growth axes for the coming year. The greatest ally of this trend will be analytical technology with the ability to collect information about users and the ability to analyze it later to obtain a complete view of the consumer. With this data we can offer the client the content they are looking for at the right time when interacting with our company. We can implement customization in a simple way in our email marketing or by developing, for example, specific thank you pages that adapt to different markets using the information of the geographic location from which the user performs the action or the type of articles or services on our website.

Voice Search (Voice User Interface)

Today, 25% of young people already use it on their mobile devices and, based on Google data, 1 in 5 searches are by voice. In addition, it is expected that by 2022 55% of family units will have smart speaker devices, one of the main devices for these searches. For this reason, for next year, web developers will more incorporate speech recognition in their apps, either to transcribe text or perform actions within the platform. Being able to use the voice to control different devices or search within a web page or application is a more natural interaction for the user, so it is a challenge to get the responses from the applications to behave appropriately in the face of this naturalness.

Immersive experiences

Based on Gartner data, 46% of retailers have one of their objectives to integrate this technology into their shopping experience during 2020. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality aim to create interaction between the brand and the user through the simulation of reality in a virtual environment thus merging virtual and real elements. Interactive campaigns or immersive videos can be created where the client can interact with the space and obtain information thanks to the creation of 360-degree content. You can also opt for a virtual mirror that allows you to try on accessories, clothing or makeup, among others. Next year, the experiences will be a dominating trend.

Asymmetry and minimalism

In 2021, the websites will bet on more fluid and organic elements. Broken grid structures are gaining popularity for their perceived uniqueness, at a time when uniqueness is increasingly valued. However, care must be taken with the implementation of this type of design as excessively it can provide an unfavorable experience for users.

Animations and dynamism

Dynamic designs are here to stay, illustrations, gifs or animations provide personality to your brand image. When well developed, they can help convey brand value and convey the objectives or principles of a company. In addition, in terms of positioning, the use of multimedia resources helps to lower the bounce rate of a website.

Are you now ready to face the 2021? If so, better prepare your website now. However, you must ensure data security as long as you manage and operate your website, especially if you are using a public Internet network.

Thank you for reading and hope this helps.

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