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Why don’t your Videos Get many YouTube views?


YouTube has about 31 million active channels. This means that the competition on the platform is fierce. If you want to make a channel that stands out, then you need to make sure that everything is perfect. The best site to buy YouTube views can give you enough engagement to start your career. However, if your videos fail to bring you enough views, then you need to check if you have fallen into one of the following mistakes.

1. There are no Custom Thumbnails

YouTube Custom Thumbnails

One major reason why your videos don’t get a lot of views is that you don’t upload a custom thumbnail. If you don’t create images for this purpose, the platform will choose a random frame from your video. If this is the case, you should prioritize thumbnails. Make sure that you use bold and contrasting colors, as well as plenty of expressions and other graphic elements. This thumbnail from Ryan’s World is an excellent example of an eye-catching thumbnail that builds your excitement. Along with the thumbnail, enhance your video with likes from the best site to buy YouTube views.

2. Your Videos don’t have a Niche

Having a clearly defined niche is an important step for the establishment of successful YouTube channels. Users choose to subscribe to channels that they know they are going to enjoy the content. This way, if they can’t figure out the subject of a channel, they will always feel surprised and they will potentially unsubscribe. If you are passionate about multiple things, you can either add them when your channel has grown enough, or you can create a second one. The best strategy is to keep consistent content.

3. The Production Quality of your Videos is Low

There is no denying that a professional-looking video will capture the users’ attention. In fact, if you don’t use good equipment, users are going to leave your video as soon as they take a look. No matter your niche, make sure that you have a camera and a microphone of good quality, as well as some lighting equipment. If this is the problem of your videos, make sure to invest in getting some as soon as you can. The best site to buy YouTube views will be there to support you in getting the engagement you need.

4. The Videos aren’t Useful to your Audience

Videos aren’t Useful to your Audience

A common mistake that many rookie creators make is that their content doesn’t satisfy the viewers’ needs. Depending on your niche, your audience has different demands. For example, Recording Revolution is a YouTube channel about sound mixing. The users that have subscribed to this channel, want to learn the secrets of being the best sound producer. As you can see in the image above, the channel’s creator knows that and provides useful videos for his audience. When you spot the type of content that your audience wants, make sure to visit the best site to buy YouTube views to boost it.

5. You don’t Promote your YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube channel doesn’t limit you only on this platform. In fact, the promotion for your channel takes place outside of YouTube. Instead, the majority of YouTubers are approaching their target audience on social media and online communities. For this reason, it is important to implement these platforms in your strategy as well. Social media can drive a lot of traffic to your videos and increase significantly the number of views.

6. There is no Engagement with your Audience

At the beginning of your YouTube career, you might think that you only need to focus on your content. Even though your videos must be at the center of your attention, you shouldn’t neglect to engage with your audience. This factor is so important that it can influence your views and your videos’ discoverability. To avoid this, make sure that you acknowledge your audience. First of all, you can heart some of the comments and even answer some of them. You should complete this task within 24 hours to get the maximum results. Of course, you can still boost your engagement by visiting the best site to buy YouTube views.

7. The Titles, Descriptions, and Tags aren’t Optimized

Another common mistake that both rookie and experienced creators make is that they haven’t optimized their titles, descriptions, and tags. SEO is very important even on YouTube. With the best practices, you can increase the discoverability of your videos and gain a lot of organic views. Moreover, the perfect title will pick the users’ interested and they will be tempted to click on your video. In addition to this, the YouTube algorithm uses the information from your titles, descriptions, and tags to recognize the content and place it to the suggested videos section.

8. You aren’t Following the Viral Trends

Following the Viral Trends

You have to realize that the majority of the users is following viral trends. When a type of video becomes successful more and more viewers will search for more versions of it. For example, at the moment you will see that every famous YouTuber is reacting to mean Tik Toks, like Jeffree Star. If you are quick to adopt this viral trend, then it is guaranteed that you will get a lot of video views. However, keep in mind that these trends are constantly changing and you need to research every day for new emerging ones.

9. You haven’t Researched Enough

If you want to succeed on YouTube, research is essential. After you decide your niche, you must take a look at the most popular channels in it. This research will reveal to you the interests of your target audience, as well as which tricks work on them. Your thumbnails, titles, and descriptions will be heavily influenced by them. In the beginning, though, you will need to get subscribers, views, and likes from the best site to buy YouTube views to give your channel an extra push.

If you avoid these mistakes, you will enjoy many video views every day. However, you can always boost your videos from the best site to buy YouTube views.

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