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Top Instagram bio fonts generators that help you stand out and get followers


Your Instagram name and bio are not just words – these sections really affect the number of people who will follow you after viewing an account. It’s crucial to stand out with your bio and showcase the value your content brings to users. If they can easily and fast understand your statement, they will become your followers and share your account with friends that might be interested too.

When using Instagram fonts for the account description, you can enhance most vital information viewers should notice first of all. Many shops, feature accounts, influencers apply stylish symbols that enhance the aesthetics of their accounts, brand philosophy.

You might think that to change the IG default font you need to hack the system, but that is not true. It’s impossible to change the font in the app. But you need to apply sided services, where you can view the library of fonts and simply cope with the one you like. You won’t need to download anything and most of such tools can be applied on the mobile device.

Below you will discover the mechanism of working and the list of tools that you can apply right away.

How can you generate Instagram bio fonts?

Instagram bio fonts

As I mentioned above, there are specially developed web services and apps that allow you to format and decorate Instagram fonts. What do you need to do?

  • Find a service you like. There are plenty of such tools on the web. Some of them are free, some are paid. Also, they may offer a different set of fonts, so you need to research a bit to discover the one that fits your aesthetics.
  • Type or paste the piece of text you aim to transform. Usually, such tools have the input bar, where you paste a copy. You may use a different font for just one word or for the whole bio description. The only condition is – try to stick to one style. Otherwise, the bio will be hard to read. Also, make sure that this style is relevant to the mood of your account. There are minimalist, gothic, bold, romantic cursives – the style should illustrate your spirit. Some services offer the Preview function so users can understand how a certain style will look on the screen of a mobile device.
  • Copy the designed text and paste it into Instagram. After you decide on the style, you need to press the Copy button. Open the bio description adjustments and paste these symbols into the text field.

You can also use fonts for other Instagram texts. It’s a common practice to emphasize essential thoughts in captions. Also, captions headlines styled in different fonts will help you gather more readers. People will likely click on view more, read the copy. As a result, the time of interaction with your post will increase so that these posts will be favored by the IG algorithms.

It’s a good idea to apply fonts in IGTV titles and descriptions to gain more views. Moreover, symbols can be used in comments. When you leave a comment on an account that has thousands of comments, a highlighted text will grab the attention of viewers.

3 Top tools for generating fonts

#1 – Bigbangram fonts generator

This web-based service offers hundreds of fonts. The generator is working not just for Instagram but other social networks, like Twitter, Twitch, etc. What is remarkable about this service, is that users can view how a certain style looks in the Instagram application. You can paste any text to the field, preview, and copy the formatted version free of charge.

Users can find particular font styles by tags – curse, cursive, and many more.

Also, the user experience is convenient – no distracting elements and clear functionality.

# 2 – WeirdMaker fonts, symbols, and emoji generator

This service is one of the top searches when you google a font generator. When you open it, you see a convenient library of fonts that is organized with filters. For example, you can choose the tab Italics, Weird, Handwriting that will help you to sort the vast collection of fonts.

What is more, you can click on the pencil icon and customize a font you need. For instance, you can change the font color, font size. You can order fonts by specific criteria, like newly placed, popular, by alphabet.

#3 – Lingojam simple fonts generator

If you are looking for a trusted service with minimalistic functions, pay attention to this one. The webpage contains just two sections. In the first one, you enter the text for edit, in the second one, you will see the transformed variations.

In the results, you will find texts with symbols and emojis. At the same time, you can click the button to design your custom font.

All in all

Instagram fonts allow you to stand out in the feed and make the information in long captions easy to consume. Try various tools to find the best one and add more creativity to default IG settings.

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