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Best Graphic Designers To Watch On YouTube To Get Inspired

The current state of informational technologies, including the development of social media platforms, has opened many opportunities for people to get the information they need. YouTube, for example, offers many educational and motivational videos that can encourage you to get a new profession, find reviews that allow you to buy the product you want of the best quality but at a low price, collect the information from YouTube subscribers; or go for channel of your own.

In this article, we shall reveal the best graphic designers who can become your inspiration and help you to improve your skills in this industry.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The absolute alpha and omega of graphic design are this company’s almighty Adobe Photoshop and other programs. On the official channel of the world’s most popular creative program, you will find valuable insights on its functions and hacks, as well as tutorials for improving your user experience, starting from the basic skills you need to obtain for becoming a known designer.

Mt Mograph

Created four years ago, this channel focuses on moving graphics. Here beginners and more experienced designers will discover hacks and techniques for creating 3D animation of objects, animals, people, etc., with over 200k subscribers by now. This channel is a valuable source of high-quality tutorials along with fruitful discussions in the comment section, where novices can collect even more tips for their career.


The author of this channel is Nathaniel Dodson, who has profound experience of using YouTube as an entrepreneur and is a skilled designer as well. Nowadays, he shares a lot of interesting and valuable information for developing graphic design elements for other entrepreneurs, using Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and other Adobe products in his videos. Another branch of his career is being a photographer for celebrities.

Mike Locke

His name is well known, as he has been involved in the industry for almost 20 years, practically being one of the first designers who were using YouTube to share their knowledge and push the development of the niche. Starting from 1995, Mike provides the idea that anyone can become successful in UI and UX by experimenting and trying everything. Mike also has a rather friendly and positive manner of communication with his followers, so you can be sure of the calm and productive education you get from his videos.

Simple Designers

As it is evident by the name, on this channel, complicated things become simple. The authors provide detailed videos that illustrate the principles and mechanics of graphic design. Another exciting feature of this channel is: no host or narrator would explain the process. Videos concentrate on the magic of turning amorphous shapes into different objects, cute or highly esthetic, as well as landscapes and graphic design tips.

Yes, I’m A Designer

The channel’s author is Martin Perhiniak, who is a creator and Adobe expert. In his videos, Martin gladly shares tips and hacks for technicalities that beginners can meet on their way to perfection. The general idea of his videos is that all you need for becoming a designer is certain patience and gradual improvement of the technique, and good orientation in the possibilities of the program.

The Futur

A group of creators who are set in Santa Monica shares their knowledge with design enthusiasts. Along with technical information, the hosts talk about the industry news and discuss different aspects of the profession. Such information is more than helpful for the younger generation of designers, who are often afraid of competition and don’t know where to start. Here newborn designers can also learn how to create a personal brand out of their work and gain inspiration from various sources.

Will Patterson

If you want to focus on branding and collaboration with companies in the sphere of graphic design, then you should check out the Wills channel. Patterson is a famous logo designer from the UK who has massive baggage of knowledge on his YouTube channel. Calligraphy, branding, logo design – these are the basics you will get acquainted with as you lurk through the Will Patterson channel on the online video hosting YouTube.

Charlie Marie

This young girl is based in the United Kingdom, and on her YouTube channel, she exposes a life of a graphic designer to its fullest. Along with professional design tips, Charlie covers various lifestyle topics, making her profile an engaging journey to the world of graphics. As she is a freelancer herself, her videos are an essential source of valuable insights for beginners.


Another vital profile for young designers who want to aim for collaboration with brands. The channel’s creator concentrates on Adobe Illustrator. Gigantic offers many tutorials that cover popular genres of illustration, like character and landscape design, logos, and branding. Step by step, he takes his viewers into the depth of illustration, making it look accessible and achievable for newbies.

Dan Gartman

As you would imagine, Dan is a creative person – tattoos and informal flair are flowing through his channel. Usually, Dan is drawing by hand, with a minimum of comments. But he also shares valuable tips for basic drawing skills, like grid and composition lines. Watching his hands move smoothly over the paper can be a most impressive and soothing image to see.

Every Tuesday, you will get a portion of knowledge about modern design techniques:

  • Watercolor effects
  • Calligraphy
  • Seamless patterns
  • Commercial illustration.

Teela Cunningham helps to master the ability to make digital design look like traditional artworks and combine the two forms of art in one piece. Her channel provides a cozy and friendly atmosphere, so beginners can feel comfortable learning new skills.

Matt Borchert

Matt takes his viewers to the industry of typography and design, providing simple tutorials for Adobe Illustrator. His videos offer a step-by-step guide for ushers who have never even known all the might of this program. Along with basic information, Matt provides valuable insights to more skilled users, which help to improve the quality of content they create.


The graphic design industry is a vast sphere and has many influencers to choose from who release practical tips for technical skills, workflow organization, and business hacks. If you want to become a famous figure in the industry, pay attention to the profiles described above and find inspiration for your career. Even though the competition seems challenging, there is enough room for another fresh face with new ideas for younger generations. Besides, design is a very dynamic industry that offers many topics to cover on social media.

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