10 Great Tips for Redesigning a Logo in 2021

10 Great Tips for Redesigning a Logo in 2021
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Are you someone who wants to know how to design a logo? Do you want to get some tips on redesigning a logo in 2021? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down because we have just the solution you have been looking for.

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Here is a list of 10 great quick tips for redesigning a logo in 2021:

1. Do your research

Do your research
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With the constant change in trends, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep up. If you are looking to redesign a logo for your business, you need to do your research beforehand. Make sure you have a list of questions you have already answered before you begin redesigning the logo. You cannot start redesigning a logo for your business without having all your research done beforehand.

2. Make do with a sketchbook

Make do with a sketchbook
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It might sound a bit old school but, a sketchbook can be a life saviour. If you are confused about how to design a logo for your business, you can start by sketching a few designs you have in your mind in your sketchbook. You can keep one or two sketches ready from before. It will help you when you start doing stuff on your computer.

3. Black and white designs

Black and white designs
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One thing that is trending in 2021 is the comeback of working in black and white for logo designs. Even if you want to add a pop of colour to your logo design, make sure you keep it for the last so that you can focus on the details. When you are working on black and white only, you get a chance to look at the design in more depth. It adds more perspective to the logo design than when it is in colour.

4. Keep it relevant

Keep it relevant
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Whatever design you choose, make sure it is relevant to the story behind your brand and represents your business identity. For instance, if you are an online clothing brand, make sure that your logo depicts what you are selling. It will help in gathering the attention of the right audience. Do not deviate from the values of your brand to be different from what your competition is doing. It is one important point that you need to keep in mind when redesigning a logo.

5. Keep it simple

Keep it simple
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Sometimes, when you are redesigning a logo, you might feel tempted to add too many things all at once. Do not do that. Make sure you keep the design of the logo as simple and minimalist as possible. Give attention to the basic details rather than adding too much to the overall design of the logo. The more details you add to the logo design, the more chances there will be of something going wrong.

6. Be different

Be different
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Redesigning a logo for your business could get hard, especially since you might have seen so many designs that you like or might have as a logo for your brand. However, do not do that. Make sure that you do not entirely copy paste a logo design. You can always get inspired by a logo design you have seen online. Just make sure that you do not plagiarise it. It does not reflect well on your business if people find out that you have copied the same design.

7. Do not give out everything

Do not give out everything
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One thing you should keep in mind when redesigning your brand’s logo is to not give out everything. Yes, you read that correctly. You need to be mindful of keeping your audience attracted while making sure that they still visit your online page to find out more. After all, why would they come to your website if you have all the information about your business through your logo design? The logo design should be more like snippets of what your brand stands for.

8. No need for symbols

No need for symbols
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Another thing you need to keep in mind when redesigning a logo is to make sure that you are not using too many symbols in the design. A lot of people believe that using symbols in the design of the logo will make it stand out. While it might be true in some cases, it does not always work like that. Using symbols can also be risky. Make sure you know the meanings behind the ones you are using in your logo design to avoid them getting backfired.

9. Make it heartfelt

Make it heartfelt
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It might sound a bit weird to a lot of people but logo designs do stay on the mind if they are impactful enough. Your logo must have a meaning behind it. It should be something that comes across as heartfelt to stay with people for longer. Trust us, if your brand’s logo is making your audience smile, there is something so right that you are doing and you need to keep doing it.

10. Ask around

Ask around
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Once you are sure of what you want to make as a final logo design, it is time that you ask others for a second opinion. Getting other people’s opinions will help you think out of the box and in ways that your mind was not thinking. It will help you get someone else’s perspective which is always a good idea. Do not underestimate it.


Keeping all these tips in mind, you can redesign a great logo while satisfying your client. One happy client means more clients in the future. Slowly down the drain, it means fame and fortune for you. Remember, creativity has no barriers. The day you remove all barriers and think different you will excel in this field.

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