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12 Student Designers You Should Be Following on Instagram

As a student or young professional, you want to follow someone who shares your interests. It is good to look for inspiration from titans of the industry, the ones who know their craft and rightfully have a spot in the hall of fame. Yet, it is counterproductive to compare yourself to people who already experienced their trials and tribulations on the way to success. Especially when you are a student with a handful of responsibilities.

Even though it may seem like an easy task to find inspiration, you have to deal with all of the deadlines and assignments. They do not care about your writer’s block or other things you have to finish. That’s when you have to put in effort and search “write my paper with WritePaper writers” to ease your workload. In the world of art, you quickly get disillusioned in a myth of a one-person band because sometimes you have to get professionals to help you out.

And just like the academic experience, graphic design cannot be put in a box. It is a multifaceted and versatile field where you can find everyone from marketing to UX design. Each of the types also has dozens of subcategories to explore and get inspiration from. Here’s the list of recent graduates, students, and young creators’ Instagram profiles to follow. They can bring a breath of fresh air for designers of all fields and experiences.

Why fonts matters

It is fair to open the list with two astonishing creators from the UK who worked on Wes Anderson’s movie posters. Love the director or hate him, these inspiring graphic creators created something to speak about and point out.

The fields of film production and other seemingly unrelated industries are in high demand of talented visionaries. If you love both cinema and digital art, you should give them a follow. 

Annie Atkins – @annieatkins

Annie Atkins is famous not only for her visionary take on The Grand Budapest Hotel. She also breathed life into The BoxTrolls, Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, and many other critically acclaimed films. Freshly graduated, she began her career in visual communications. But eventually, she enrolled in a Master’s program in film production, and nothing was the same ever since. 

Erica Dorn – @extraordinerica

Dorn made many works of Wes Anderson stand out with her unique vision. Just like Atkins, she is responsible for many props and the identity of the movies. Dorn started her career as a graphic designer working on editorials and advertisements. She stepped into film production not by accident, and assigning her as a lead designer was the best choice made.

3D and brand identity creation require special care from young specialists. With the rise of digital art, it’s easy to find your niche in it. But it always requires hard work and a sharp eye for detail.

Aaron Covrett – @aaroncovrett

A 2017 graduate and former intern at Stink Studios (then Stinkdigital) Covrett is a talented 3D artist and designer. If you are interested in look development and texturing, you should follow ASAP. Even though Covrett is a young specialist, he already has an astonishing client list. He takes 3D art to another level, blurring the line between digital and traditional art.

Viggo Bloomquist – @viggoblomqvist

Young and talented Bloomquist is to graduate from Umeå Institute of Design in 2022, but he already has an eye-catching portfolio. Bloomquist works on product design and provides his followers with a detailed process of their creation. His instagram is an example of a designer who knows his strong sides and what direction he should head with his career.

Linus Zoll – @linuszoll

A talent in the making, Zoll is a self-taught 3D and motion designer from Germany. He began his freelance career in 2017 and managed to work with amazing teams of professionals. His projects vary from interior and exterior architecture renders to motion pictures. Zoll’s works capture one’s attention and make the viewer wonder, “What’s next?”

Lucas Berghoef – @lucasberghoef

Berghoef is a multidisciplinary creator and art director from the Netherlands. As a recent college graduate, Berghoef is an example to follow for every student. Each of his designs is reminiscent of magazine spreads that showcase the unique take on visual identity art. He works with digital and printed mediums to achieve the perfect balance between innovative and traditional visuals.

Jason Yuan – @jasonyuandesign

A 2019 Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Yuan designs the interfaces that mesmerize even the harshest critic. He captures kinetic energy and translates it into a visual masterpiece. Yuan is a perfect example of an artist who uses all of his experience, as he studied Theater before stepping into the new career path.

Amy Georgette – @amyg.design

A 2020 Graduate from Shillington University, Amy Georgette is a winner of the AGDA awards contest that highlights the Australian communication and technology industry. She works on brand design and creative strategies to challenge the status quo and celebrate stories by visual art. Among her signature works are coffee packages you can see all across the US shops and social campaigns for Pregnant Then Screwed.

Jack Roylance – @jackroylanceart

Jack Roylance is also an AGDA awards winner and talented illustrator and graphic creator. He just started his journey in the world of brand identity and animation. Royland’s work focuses on bringing colors and fantasy scenarios where you can find a musician frog or panthera couch. If you are interested in illustration, Royland is an instant follow. 

Theresa Huber – @theresahuberdesign

Theresa Huber is a recent graduate from Shillington who specializes in various mediums for creating a unique brand identity. Her student’s work for Damn Ruth vegan cooking dough is featured on many articles discussing talented students of graphics. If you are heading toward brand identity and package design, look up Huber’s work on her Instagram.

Katja Alissa Mueller – @katjaalissamueller

Yesterday she was a student, and today she is a creative director of Courier Magazine. Mueller is an example of an excellent creator with a taste for fashion, lifestyle, and graphics. She is detail-oriented and stands out from other creators who work in the brand identity niche. She is passionate about her craft and the directions of her career. 

Sarah Malik and Cali Mackrill – @malikandmack

If you are looking for a studio founded by young and talented women in London, then you should up Malik and Mackrill’s creation – Malik + Mack. There’s nothing impossible for the duo when it comes to creating an identity from scratch. The team focuses on usability and function with their layouts. If you feel like starting a studio in the future, take note from students turned into business people.

Summing Up

Whatever area of the industry you want to seize, it’s always good to look for inspiration from different sources. Even if you have nothing to do with the world of illustration, pick your favorite artist and give them a follow. The same goes for identity brands and other branches you usually overlook. After all, the world of graphics stands on solidarity between creators and respect for each other’s craft.

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