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24 New Free Fonts For Creative Designers

Here is the list of fresh free fonts, download with commercial licence. The following typefaces and fonts are free and ideal to make an professional design and perfect for logo design, business cards, branding, web template, packaging design and any other web and graphic projects. Take a look at beautiful commercial fonts for professional design, based upon suggestions from designers and web developers all over the world.

So here is the list of  Twenty four highest quality free fonts for you. In this font gallery you can download best script fontsbrush fonts and handwritten typefaces. I hope these fonts are very helpful for create amazing typography, web design projects. Please enjoy and let us know your thoughts on this fresh collection. You can also download 100 Greatest Free Fonts for 2022.

This is an another great collection of free fonts for my readers and followers.

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Download New Free Fonts with Commercial Licence

Fresh handwritten brush fonts, script fonts and typefaces perfect for logotypes, badge, packaging, headline, poster, t-shirt/apparel, greeting card, and wedding invitation. In this post, I’ll be featuring twenty five free Fonts For Designers. So what are your waiting, go and check out all of them and download the ones you like most.

1. Alodiya Free Font

Alodiya Free Font

Font Download

2. Love Script Free Font

Love Script Free Font

Font Download

3. Cymbria Vintage Free Font

Cymbria Vintage Font Free Font
Cymbria Vintage Font Font

Font Download

4. Wavystem Sans Serif Display Free Font

Wavystem Sans Serif Display Free Font
Wavystem Sans Serif Display Font

Font Download

5. Droid Free Font

Droid Free Font
Droid Font

Font Download

6. Toska Free Font

Toska Free Font
Toska Font

Font Download

7. Serene Free Font

Serene Free Font
Serene Font

Font Download

8. Dzimaa Free Font

Dzimaa Free Font
Dzimaa Font

Font Download

9. Droid Futuristic Display Free Font

Droid Futuristic Display Free Font
Droid Futuristic Display Font

Font Download

10. Sicupak Free Font

Sicupak Free Font
Sicupak Font

Font Download

11. Benzeno Free Font

Benzeno Free Font

Font Download

12. Aprilio Hope Free Font

Aprilio Hope Free Font

Font Download

13. Kick Haters Free Font

Kick Haters Free Font

Font Download

14. Industrial Display Free Font

Industrial Display Free Font
Industrial Display Font

Font Download

15. Blueto Free Font

Blueto Free Font
Blueto Font

Font Download

16. Salthink Free Font

Salthink Free Font

Font Download

17. Haedus Free Font

Haedus Free Font
Haedus Font

Font Download

18. Progress Free Font

Progress Free Font

Font Download

19. Amora Free Font

Amora Free Font

Font Download

20. Robtronika Free Font

Robtronika Free Font

Font Download

21. Navine Free Font

Navine Free Font
Navine Font

Font Download

22. Robo Sapien Free Font

Robo Sapien Free Font
Robo Sapien Font

Font Download

23. Revx Neue Free Font

Revx Neue Free Font
Revx Neue Font

Font Download

24. Apasih Free Font

Apasih Free Font
Apasih Font

Font Download

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