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15 Instagram Influencers In The Design Field You Should Follow

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration, or you want to get the low-down on the latest design trends available, Instagram is certainly the place to go.

With influencers constantly packing their feeds with fascinating and educative insights, you can easily learn a thing or two by following their profiles.

The gram is often the best social media outlet for people and brands to discover top influencers in the design field. However, landing on the right page to represent your brand or discover some worthwhile designs can be a difficult engagement

Lucky for you, we have done some major heavy-lifting to show you the top 15 Instagram design influencers you should keep your eye on.

The best design influencers provide followers with a refreshing blend of creativity and passion. It is with this in mind that we compiled some of the most exciting designers, animators, and illustrators with the best Instagram feeds.

Instagram Design Influencers To Follow

From illustrators and painters to 3D designers and animators, there is an Instagram feed for just about every creative design niche. These designers will bring some style and creativity to your daily feed, and we recommend giving all 15 of them a follow.

1. Timothy Goodman– @timothygoodman

Timothy Goodman

Timothy Goodman is a man of several talents and is blessed with great attention to detail. He’s based in New York and shows some of his well-curated designs on his Instagram feed. He currently teaches at the SVA in New York City and talks about most of his designs on Instagram.

His art has populated city walls and floors, shoes, buildings, books, jackets, clothing, and galleries worldwide. He has worked with several well-known brands such as Target, Uniqlo, Google, Airbnb, Samsung, Netflix, MoMA, and the New York Times.

Timothy Goodman is also famous for receiving awards from significant illustration and design publications. He’s a co-author with fellow designer Jessica Walsh on a book titled 40 Days of Dating, and subsequently, the book’s film rights were optioned to Warner Bros.

Other personal projects of his include, Twelve Kinds of Kindness, People of Craft, Friends with Secrets, and Build Kindness Not Walls. He also wrote a book called Sharpie Arts Workshop, and he has launched a global collection of clothing with Uniqlo. Timothy’s Instagram feed is certainly a pool of inspiration.

2. Design Lad – @design_lad

Design Lad

Design lad is a UK freelance animation director and illustrator whose portfolio is filled with fun palettes and awesome balloon-designed characters. He always relishes the opportunity to add a sense of fun to his designs. Plus, he introduces a unique feel of color, fun, and character to his work.

Design lad comes from a graphic design background, from which he later switched to 3D animations in 2016 to convey his artistic ideas better. Since then, he has worked with clients like Adidas, Virgin, Dunkin Donuts, Red Bull, Nike, Sony Music, Coca-Cola, WIRED, and the NFL.

He provides an array of pictorial projects that everyone can relate to on his Instagram feed. Through his unique sense of style, he has gained several clients.

3. Mike Perry – @mikeperrystudio

Mike Perry

Mike Perry’s Instagram feed is an oasis of color, animation, and hand-crafts. He is an Emmy-winning artist who creates cultures, paintings, public art installations, animations, drawings, monographs, silkscreens, exhibitions, and more.

His work has been presented across the globe in countries like Singapore, China, Australia, Germany, and Poland. He has also featured in some solo art shows in London, and he’s a curator in an ongoing series called Get Nude Get Drawn.

4. Leta Sobierajski – @wadeandletastudio

Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski is a New York-based graphic designer and director who developed a unique talent of merging art with photography. She uses traditional design elements to make impressive visuals across different media types. Her Instagram feed is unique for giving inspiration through an electric and bizarre design form.

With her husband, Leta co-founded the Wade and Leta creative studio, home to many bizarre and bold arts. Her love for graphic design emanates from her passion for art, and her Instagram feed offers most of her delightful designs.

5. Jon Contino – @joncontino

Jon Contino

John Contino is popularly referred to as a Jack of many trades. He works as an artist, apparel designer, illustrator, and branding consultant.

This artist was born and raised in New York. John calls himself an “Alphastructaestthetitologist,” a bizarre term he uses to describe his workings as an artist.

John is known for creating award-winning designs for popular names like Coca-Cola, Nike, 20th Century Fox, Sports Illustrated, American eagle, and AT&T. Check out his Instagram for unique inspiration across all design and creative fields.

6. Gianluca Alla – @gianlucaalla

Gianluca Alla

Gianluca is a London-based designer from Italy. He was introduced to design during his university days when he first designed some fashion catalogs for an Italian brand.

Gianluca currently experiments with typography and often says letters are his unique inspiration. One of his past projects, the “Letterzip,” is a design containing a series of short animated letters. His Instagram feed provides a unique wall of animations and creative visuals.

7. Neil Secretario – @neilsecretario

Neil Secretario

Neil Secretario Is a skilled typographer from California who produces sophisticated and elegant designs. His Instagram is filled with inspiring typography art.

Neil takes his followers through his design journey by featuring his first sketches, the digital development process, and the final design look on his Instagram feed.

The iconic designer is known for creating logos and custom lettering for clients such as Intercom, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Schweppes, Penguin Random House, and YouTube Red. His pages are perfect for those looking for some behind-the-scenes guidance and tips on typography.

8. Seb Lester – @seblester

Seb Lester

Seb Lester is another brilliant designer on Instagram who trained in graphic design at Central St. Martins and worked as an artist and a designer in the UK. He creates logos and illustrations for some of the best companies and publications worldwide—Apple, NASA, the New York Times, Nike, and Intel.

Seb also worked as a designer at monotype for up to nine years and developed custom typefaces for brands such as The Daily Telegraph, Barclays, Intel, Waitrose, and British Airways.

His passion for calligraphy has taken his work into new dimensions. He has become one of the best calligraphers globally, getting more Instagram likes and views than any other designer.

9. Andreas M Hansen – @andreasmhansen

Andreas M Hansen

Andreas M. Hansen is a typographer and designer specializing in sharp and definitive colors. His Instagram feed defines advanced design.

Two thing that set Andreas apart as a designer are his signature deep blacks and piercing whites evident in all his videos and pictures. Hansen’s monochromatic themed photo collection will make for an exciting page to have on your feed.

10. Kelli Anderson – @kellianderson

Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson is another talented and inspiring design influencer on Instagram. She is a paper engineer whose work revolves around graphic design, conceptual art, and technology. Kelli has written different books on design. In these books, she exposed the magic of her art and made abstract concepts tangible.

Her first book, titled “This Book is a Camera,” was published by the Museum of Modern art. Kelly’s feed is a wonder to behold. You should check it out.

11. Luke Choice – @velvetspectrum

Luke Choice

Operating under the nickname ‘Velvet Spectrum,’ Luke Choice is an Australian graphic designer with an uncommon, playful aesthetic that touches different design aspects including illustration and typography. Luke’s busy Instagram feed showcases his recent and best works—from solo projects to joint works with famous brands like Nike.

The American-based designer is an expert in 3D work, animations, and typography. You should certainly follow him on Instagram to keep up with his latest creations.

12. Stefan Sagmeister – @stefansagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister is one of the most influential graphic designers on Instagram. He is a New York-based typographer well known for designing album covers, books, and posters. Stefan has also designed album covers for The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, and Pat Metheny.

He studied graphic design at the university of applied arts in Vienna, and later went on a scholarship to Pratt Institute in New York. Luke’s design journey began at age 15, and since then, he has received two Grammy Awards and designed branding and packaging for HBO, Rolling Stones, and Time Warner.

His Instagram feed is definitely worth the look, and you can find other great designers to follow in the process.

13. Rob Draper – @robdraper1

Rob Draper

Rob Draper is an illustrator, designer, and letterer with great attention to detail. With his typography skills, he creates designs with intricate detail and fine depth. Asides from his design depth, his creativity is sublime, and it makes for an incredible Instagram feed that is as exemplary as it is inspiring.

Rob specializes in hand lettering for identity and branding. You’d gain a lot by following him

14. Joshua Noom – @joshuanoom

Joshua Noom

This experienced designer and illustrator seamlessly blended the two disciplines to create simplistic perfection. Joshua Noom is from Adelaide, Australia, and resides in Fort Myers, Florida. His works reveal timeless design, and his media approach makes for a very engaging Instagram feed.

Check out his Instagram page to see the exciting combination Joshua creates between bold illustrations and hand-crafted organic typography.

15. Erik Marinovich – @erikmarinovich

Erik Marinovich

Erik Marinovich Is a San Francisco-based artist and designer. His design journey began in 2009, and from then on, he has drawn logos, letters, and types for clients like Google, Nike, Hilton, Target, Facebook, Air Canada, and Ford Motor Company.

In 2012 he co-founded Title Case, a creative workspace that delivers lectures and workshops. You can find Eric hatching different designs and taking snapshots of his typographical works on Instagram.

Summing Up

It is always beneficial to have inspiration from various sources, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or pro designer. Following Instagram influencers in the design feed will make finding that inspiration easy.

That said, we hope you’re well on your way to populating your Instagram feed with some very outstanding design work. Hopefully, this will help improve your design by a long margin.

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