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Top 12 Leading SEO Trends to Boost Traffic in 2022


Since the arrival of covid-19, every business has been trying to become digital. They tend to sell their products or services by developing a website. For this purpose, they tend to do digital marketing for their companies. It is impossible without the incorporation of exceptional SEO practices.

Generally, many people fail to understand SEO techniques due to inefficient knowledge in this field. Moreover, search engines such as Google tweak their crawling policies from time to time. Strategies that worked in 2020 might be not functional in the year 2022.

However, you cannot ignore SEO even you have a budget to avail of PPC advertisement campaigns. The reason is that approximately 94% of traffic on different sites comes organically. So, it is recommended to utilize thrilling SEO tactics to better rank your website.

Top SEO Trends 2022

Top SEO Trends 2022

Are you worried about how can you learn potential SEO tricks to grab the attention of millions of users towards your website? Just cheers! Because we have catered top 12 effective SEO trends below to give you a gift of trillions of clicks for conversions by following our fruitful guidelines.

1. Defining Search Intent

Search intent is a purpose for which a specific query is searched into any search engine, especially Google. Without understanding search intent, it is impossible to provide relevant information to the audience. For example

  • Someone lands on your website for gaining knowledge about a particular subject matter.
  • Frequently, a user wants to buy something.
  • Moreover, some persons arrive to jump on their targeted websites.

Formerly, SEO specialists tend to incorporate some keywords into their content for escalate ranking of websites. However, this practice is not applicable now. According to the BERT update of Google, users’ queries are better to understand than ever before. Therefore, you have to move forward for the recognition of search intent instead to stick to the utilization of keywords.

Defining Search Intent

Additionally, for making your website user-friendly and acknowledging Google search intent policies, you have to follow four instructions for skyrocketing your SEO.

  1. First of all, explore what the audience needs are.
  2. Secondly, your website must contain massive amounts of information.
  • Thirdly, try to endeavour relevant information against search queries of your website visitors.
  1. Fourthly, your content should have the potential to engage the audience.

2. Revamp your Page Speed

Revamp your Page Speed

Think you search a query on Google and land on a website that takes too long to respond. What will you do now? Of course, you will close the website and move to another informational source. So, it is very important to optimize the speed of your website accurately for enhancing traffic.

Do you know why new technology comes into existence in this digital world? New problems require an innovative solution that seems impossible without incorporating the latest strategies. Therefore, the tactics of boosting the speed of your website also change with the passages of time.

These days, innovative tools can better help you increase the speed of your web pages. For instance, if your site is built on the CMS, WordPress, you can download authentic plugins that can potentially uplift your page speed.

Moreover, if your website speed is not good after the installation of plugins, it may be happened due to poor web hosting. You can resolve this problem by upgrading your hosting plan or shifting from one host to another. However, research thoroughly before purchasing any hosting plan from any hosting provider.

3. Exceptional Core Web Vitals

Exceptional Core Web Vitals

In 2021, Google added Core Web Vitals for providing a better experience to its users. Through its algorithms, it will judge how much time is taken by a website for loading its pages. It also analyzes how much your page is interactive. Three categories are involved in Core Web Vitals.

  1. Largest Contentful Paint
  2. Cumulative Layout Shift
  • First Input Delay

In the largest contentful paint, Google will examine the loading time of your web pages having primary content.

Next, Cumulative Layout Shift by Google scrutinizes shifting measurements by users based on their experiences in a site.

Lastly, First Input Delay identifies speed. For example, how much time does a user stays on a particular website to get his desired information?

Furthermore, aside from Core Web Vitals, you can also integrate AMP into your website. If this feature enables on the website, you do not need to take much care about Core Web Vitals according to the current SEO policy shared by Google.

Google explains that it will not stop ranking the website if you do not optimize Core web Vitals potentially. However, high-quality content and authentic links are essential to increase traffic on a specific blog.

4. Stimulate Mobile Optimization

Stimulate Mobile Optimization

Whether you have a craving to brush up on the SERP ranking of your websites or catch more traffic, mobile optimization matters a lot. According to research, many users tend to search their queries on their mobile phones instead of laptops. As a result, you have to make your website mobile-friendly.

For making your site mobile responsive, you have to keep in mind specific factors. First of all, the font size of your content must be readable and eye-catchy. Next, the design also plays a leading role. For example, if the design of the website, including the colour scheme and infographic placement, is suitable for mobile versions alongside computers, you have a better potential to revamp traffic.

In addition, content customization is also crucial for enhancing traffic. For instance, content that has been posted on the website can be clearly seen by mobile users; they do not need to move the page left or right. Only by scrolling they can read your services.

If you wish to grab an idea of whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, you can use Google Search Console. For checking, you have to put the URL of a particular site; it will briefly inform you about website performance on mobile phones.

Moreover, for those website owners whose website is not ready to launch in the marketplace, they can put codes of their website instead of URLs. After knowing the mobile version performance of your site, you can make it better by carrying out authentic SEO strategies.

5. Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, every business has been trying to incorporate Artificial Intelligence due to its highly valued benefits globally. Google has no exception from them. For improving search results against a query, Google is also utilizing Artificial Intelligence. The three primary examples of AI adaptation by a search engine, Google, are presented below.

  1. Rank Brain
  2. BERT
  • Multitask United Model (MUM)
  1. LaMDA

Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers or BERT is an algorithm used by Google for presenting exact results against search queries. Natural Processing Language (NLP) and Machine Learning are excellent tools used in this algorithm. Moreover, the BERT version is available in seventy (70) languages.

In addition, BERT works like a human brain. Its functions are very incredible. For example, you have a website or blog and posted high-quality content on it.

Whenever a researcher searches a specific query, BERT will analyze the intent of the user. If his intent does not match with your provided content, your website will not show against his search queries, and BERT will ignore it.

So, it is crucial to understand the intent of users. First of all, broaden your research. Then, try to provide relevant and engaging content that BERT can present in front of users whenever anyone searches about your website niche.

MUM is one of the most innovative AI tools that have the capability of multitasking. For example, it can analyze text, images, and videos. Moreover, it has the potential to understand more than 75 languages. In this way, it can handle complex search queries very efficiently.

However, a question that arises is how can MUM do it? It actually strives to recognize sentiments, entities, context, and user intent. However, it is not launched yet. After its inclusion, it may change the whole criteria of searches result. Some of the possibilities after Multitask United Model (MUM) fusion in Google is defined below.

First of all, websites that publish high-quality and long-form content will get huge benefits. Their web pages will show on the top against a relevant search query.

An SEO specialist will not be worried about keyword stuffing because it is an outdated practice. You have to focus on the natural content that has the stamina to eliminate the pain points of the audience.

Next, structured data will get preference by Google. For example, you can add charts, infographics, graphs, etc.

Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) is another model for producing better results on Google against a search query. For instance, it has the potential to read words. Moreover, it can identify relationships between words. As a result, it can suggest you better words to continue open-ended conversations with customers or visitors.

If you understand every strategy of Artificial Intelligence in Google and form your website according to its demands, you can get unlimited visitors without paying a single penny on paid traffic.

6. Competent Local SEO

Competent Local SEO

In 2019, the arrival of Covid-19 has shifted the physical business into online because of limiting activities to go anywhere. All companies tend to adopt a digital way to enhance their sales. Many people have made websites to support people related to a specific field. In this scenario, they need to focus on local SEO.

Recently, a report by Google has shown a more significant increment in the local search like “salon near me” or “a clinic near me.” To fulfil the requirements of these users, Google prefers to rank those websites that have been doing local SEO proficiently.

For this purpose, the use of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), featured snippets, videos, images, data is the best solution. For example, you have a clothing store in the USA; you have to make a website related to a clothing store. Then, on the website, you have to provide your business details such as city, country, phone number, email, etc.

Furthermore, if you are not interested in doing this action, you can upload the location of your business on Google Maps. Get reviews from your previous clients. If you have excellent reviews, Google will give an update to the user if he or she searches a clothing store near your business location.

7. Outstanding Video Marketing

Outstanding Video Marketing

Without video marketing, the ranking of a website seems impossible. Google carefully analyzes which website will be shown on the top or lowest point according to their content. So, video marketing is a part of SEO tactics. Next, you can get an idea about the importance of video by reading the following states.

  • Approximately 85% of companies utilize video content for their marketing.
  • Moreover, 92% of marketers think that marketing remains incomplete without the incorporation of videos.
  • 92% persons claim that they watch explainer videos of services or products of different brands before purchasing them.

Additionally, many people do not prefer to read long web pages to get the answer to their queries. As a result, if a website publishes video content alongside blog posts or case studies, it further helps to rank it. Some of the benefits of video content for better SEO are presented below.

  • Video content engages the audience potentially by endeavouring a better user experience.
  • A website visitor tends to serve more time on your website if you have video content on it.
  • An exceptional improvement in SEO comes into existence through posting quality videos.
  • You can get better backlinks by incorporating video content.

For excellent video marketing, you can utilize YouTube, the biggest video marketing platform, partner of Google. Firstly, you have to generate a YouTube account. Then, upload videos on a specific topic for grabbing a bigger audience. Follow some practices to beat your competitors through video content.

  1. Find trendy topics in your niche. For exploring, you can take help from different tools such as Tubebuddy.
  2. Then, find potential keywords.
  • Utilize keywords in the description of videos but do not stuff them that create a negative impact on the user.
  1. Use hashtags in the description.
  2. Make attracting thumbnails.
  3. Post it on the website alongside an article.

If you complete all steps very carefully and efficiently, you will be able to get excellent results. For example, you will see the bombardment of visitors on your website. Moreover, you do not need to spend money on video marketing.

8. Perfect Image Optimization

Perfect Image Optimization

Besides videos, images also play a vital role in the optimization of your web pages. A research study has shown that if a website contains optimized photos, it has more potential to rank your website on any search engine, especially Google (SERPs). Moreover, it exerts a positive impact in various areas.

For example, a customer land on your website. Your site takes more than 3 seconds to open. Then, the user leaves your site and move towards other. In this situation, the bounce rate enhances, and conversions become slower. By uploading images, you can solve the issue of website loading.

Furthermore, if you are running an eCommerce store, images are a crucial part of your website. You must have to put your product’s photos for better engagement of users. Some factors that you keep into account while posting images are given below.

  • Right format
  • Dimension
  • Scale
  • Resolution

Moreover, the optimization rate of images becomes excellent if you resize or cache your images. Then, image compression also assists to rank your website against Search Engine Research Pages (SERPS). Moreover, it helps to present a better user experience.

9. Marvellous Long-Form Content

Marvellous Long-Form Content

For SEO of your website, long-form content is crucial. Google algorithm supports long-form content over short form. If you post very short content, your website will not show on the top against your site-related queries. Moreover, it penalizes a website having short content.

For example, your website is in the health niche. You publish a health article on a specific topic. If your blog post contains authentic and comprehensive knowledge, you have greater chances to improve your ranking through longer content.

Now a question that takes birth is how many words will be best for an article. The answer is not clear. However, it varies from topic to topic. Some topics can present relevant information in 700 words. On the other hand, the most subject matter requires more than 3000 words. So, it is preferable to do deep research before writing about it.

10. Customer Analytics, Retention, and Lifetime Value

Customer Analytics, Retention, and Lifetime Value

For driving tremendous traffic on your website, you must have known about your customers’ needs. For example, what they are doing, what are their pain points, and what they need from you. If you address all questions perfectly and offer them accurate solutions, your website can receive many visitors with zero bounce rate.

Further, if you are running an online business, you have to hire some staff for analyzing customers needs. They can conduct a survey from your customers or ask people to fill out the questionnaire. Then, try to handle your customers according to your retention strategies. For instance, you can explore the following points to know about your customers’ needs.

  • Click-Through Rate
  • User-Centric Performance metrics
  • Average Session Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • Internal Linking
  • Dwell Time

For converting leads into your potential customers, you can get help from the Google Search console. First of all, you can find relevant keywords. Then, choose a specific topic in which your customers are interested. Then, provide exact information by writing articles on your website.

Next, add a section containing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the home or service of your page. Moreover, make a comment section where your visitors can comment about their feelings or any further queries after reading your content. This sentiment analysis will help you publish desired content by leads and improve your website SEO results.

11. Interactive User Experience

Interactive User Experience

One of the best SEO trends in 2022 is the interactive user experience. If your website look and content are not attractive, it will be a daunting task to grab various visitors to your website. Therefore, Google keeps a strict eye on this necessary ranking factor.

Moreover, you have to make your website easy to navigate by users. Then, organize web pages logically so that anyone can find their desired information on different pages conveniently. For user engagements, you can pay attention to creating the following content.

  1. Quizzes
  2. Guides
  • Videos

Aside from these practices, you can also check some of your web pages that are already grabbing heavy traffic. Analyze them carefully. After it, follow those practices on the new web pages or low-traffic driven pages.

12. Eliminate Black-Hat SEO Practices

Eliminate Black-Hat SEO Practices

Some website owners follow black hat SEO strategies to get massive traffic on their websites. However, it is not good because your site can get penalized and down any time after identifying spam by a search engine, Google.

Moreover, the link Spam Algorithm update is just added in Google. Whenever Google detects any nullifying links, this website will be unable to get PageRank and Link Juice to them.

Next, if you do not avoid black hat practices, it can prove harmful. Even your above SEO strategies will also fail after following Black hat SEO rules. Therefore, it is recommended that you understand google policies and algorithms carefully. It is a solo pathway to increase website ranking and get millions of users in 24 hours.


In summary, you cannot optimize your website without considering the latest SEO trends. If you do not acquire new and implement previous SEO tactics, there is no room for your website to be present in this new technological world.

For your site’s ranking, you have to follow all the above SEO guidelines. Then, you will get efficient results that will not only drive traffic but also helps to increase conversions by targeting the right customers.

So do not waste time and implement SEO trends now.

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