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Indy: Why Is It A Great Platform?


Whether you are a freelancer or someone who is starting a business of their own, you will definitely benefit from having a platform like Indy.

So, what exactly is Indy? It is a productivity platform with multiple helpful features, which are ideal for people such as contractors, freelancers, consultants, etc. It helps in managing their business with an efficient workflow, effective marketing, various types of payment tools, and so on. The people over at Indy believe that every independent professional should have the power to own their success, their work, and how they live their life. With the right resources and tools, Indy users can further utilize their skills and talents in order to create a living.

Indy was founded in the year 2021, and since then it has been the ultimate tool for creating a reliable and sustainable environment for people to collaborate, connect, and work. This platform is the ideal tool for small business owners and freelancers who are looking to make their work easier while also improving their workflow. It comes with a wide variety of features and tools that can help its users find the right resources in order to be successful. With the help of Indy, users can send invoices, create contracts, draft proposals, get paid, manage their work, and make their work life a lot smoother.

What Makes Indy Different From Other Similar Platforms?

There are other platforms out there that are similar to Indy, so what makes this platform different? Not all platforms allow their users to work as efficiently as Indy does. It is specifically designed to not only manage work productivity, but to also create more productivity in the first place. People who use Indy have nothing but positive things to say about it. For the reference, Capterra has written the review of Indy company: [read out]

This is a tool that has everything in one place, which means people don’t have to depend on multiple tools to complete different tasks. That is the beauty of this tool. You have everything that you need in order to run your business in one place. Whether it is drafting contracts, tracking time, streamlining processes, invoicing, or keeping track of everything in one place, Indy has everything you need.

Different Tools You Can Use At Indy

As mentioned earlier, Indy comes with numerous tools that help small business owners and freelancers own their work and become better independent professionals. Listed below are these tools and what they offer.

1. Invoice Software

With Indy, you can create invoices within a short amount of time. Plus, there is a simple invoice template available, which makes creating invoices much easier. By drafting these invoices, you can get paid on time. These invoices are connected to standard payment processes, which makes it easier for your clients to instantly pay online. There are multiple payment options available, such as major credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, Zelle, direct deposit, and mailed checks.

Moreover, you can change the invoice templates in accordance to your business, such as changing the colors and logos. Hence, your clients will receive their invoices with a professional and polished look. Also, there are other smart features includes inside invoices, for example the ability to directly link hours to invoices using the time tracking tool.

Indy Freelancing Platform

2. Contracts

This is a helpful tool users can utilize through Indy. It allows them to draft, send, and collect signatures on contracts from one location. Not to mention, all of this can be done digitally. Also, you can draft legally-sound and lawyer-vetted contract templates that are specifically tailored for freelancers. There are numerous contract templates to choose from, which are easily customizable in any way you like.

Furthermore, you are able to track the status of every contract, whether they are in a draft form, sent, viewed, read, approved, signed, and so on. Plus, these contracts can be signed digitally through e-signatures. Another thing that several Indy users can benefit from is that there are contract templates which are job-specific, which includes templates for copywriters, consultants, non-disclosure agreements, content creators, digital marketers, photographers, designers, virtual assistants, and many others.

As compared to other tools, your clients won’t have to worry about creating a separate account in order to view and then sign documents. Hence, Indy users don’t have to print and send contracts, since they can easily get them back.

Indy Contracts

3. Proposals

For a freelancer, creating effective proposals is very important. With good proposals, they are able to explain the terms and conditions before working on a project. Not to mention, it is through proposals freelancers win more clients.

Similar to creating contracts, drafting proposals is also made easier thanks to Indy. Users can easily design, send, and get their proposals approved. Indy offers numerous proposal templates through which its users can take help from. Using these templates, they can create a proposal in just a few short minutes and directly send them to their clients for approval.

In addition to freelancers, business owners can also benefit from this feature.

Indy Proposals

4. Task Management

With the task management feature, users can create different tasks, set their deadlines, incorporate different files, and track the progress of each task. This is a comprehensive tool which helps in managing all types of projects, both small and large. This tool also helps in staying on track, effectively manage resources, and meet all of your deadlines.

5. Files Tool

With the files tool, Indy users can easily share their work with clients, which helps in streamlining the approval process. You can use this tool to upload files and your clients can offer their feedback as well in the form of comments. With just one click, they can approve designs and contracts. Also, the uploading process is simple, where you can upload various types of files such as documents, videos, and so on.

6. Communication Tool

The chat box is an effective tool, which allows for easy communication between the client and yourself. A threaded chat tool is how you can communicate with your clients. You will receive their replies in your chat box while your messages are delivered to their inbox. This option is available on both the website and the app. Moreover, you can add multiple people in one chat in order to make sure that everyone stays updated regarding a certain project. Plus, you can also share different files through the chat.

Furthermore, you can keep all of your chats in a single place. With Indy, you don’t have to go through a long list of emails to find a specific chat. When all of your conversations are in a single place, it makes it easier to find the information you’re looking for. Not to mention, your chat inbox stays organized.

7. Project Management

With Indy, you can easily track all of your projects and keep everything organized. This helps in providing you with a clear idea of what you are doing when you have several projects to manage. Based on your work preferences, you can organize, filter, and pin all of your tasks in one place. Moreover, you can assign tasks to specific projects and get reminders when a deadline is due. This allows for optimal workload distribution. Also, you can track the time you spend on each task, easily generate invoices, and sync with your calendars.

8. Calendars

This tool is highly beneficial when it comes to managing tasks that are time sensitive. Not only can you track your tasks in a single place, you can set up different calendars for various purposes. Plus, the calendar also shows you the remaining time you have left to complete your job, so you can plan your coming days accordingly. Usually, freelancers have a hard time managing several calendars, hence Indy is the perfect platform for them. They can integrate it with different other platform features, which helps in staying on track and organized.

9. Lead Generation Forms

For a freelancer, lead generation holds a high importance when it comes to success. With Indy, you can create lead generation forms in just a couple of minutes, which will help you in collecting leads from your own website. Plus, you can customize the form according to your requirements, for instance, yo can incorporate different fields within the form. Lead generation forms can easily help you in gathering important information from your clients. Moreover, you can easily track leads and not worry about missing any important details.

10. Extra Key Features

Indy comes with numerous other features, in addition to invoices and proposals, which can greatly help in streamlining your business processes. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Business calculators, which you can use on Indy’s website for free.
  • A time tracker
  • Bundled business tools
  • Form builder
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • …and so much more!


The positive reviews of Indy users are enough to justify its remarkable performance. However, Indy has also been the owner of a couple of accolades. This platform has won awards for its premium performance and likability. In the year 2021, Finances Online awarded Indy the “Rising Star” award and the “Great User Experience” award.


Indy has made it easy for everyone to get their hands on this platform. No matter what your budget is, you can afford to use Indy. They have two options people can choose from:

  1. Free: Here, you can check out all of the tools Indy has to offer for free, without spending a single dime. Their free plan contains two proposals, contracts, and invoices that you can create. It comes with 1 GB storage. The number of forms you can create is limited. However, you get full access to the calendars, tasks, payment methods, chats, and the apps. You cannot use the custom branding option though.
  2. The Pro Bundle: Here, you get unlimited access to every single tool and feature that Indy has to offer, which also includes customized branding. Their Pro Bundle plan is for $5.99/month.

To Summarize It All

So, who can benefit from using Indy? As mentioned earlier, Indy is the ideal platform for freelancers, business owners, consultants, side-hustlers, and other people in similar fields. This platform greatly helps in managing one’s workflow and maintaining an effective work ecosystem. Freelancers can create high quality proposals, which are a vital part of their work. Business owners can create professional contracts, which they can then send to their clients. Moreover, various templates are available which makes it easier to draft proposals, contracts, lead generation forms, etc.

Indy is known as a powerful tool which has made it easier for its users to streamline their workflow, no matter what they do for work. You can do more work in a lot less time, which is not only efficient but it is also effective. When compared with other similar platforms, the majority of people found Indy more easy and simple enough to use.

With its many tools and features, you can utilize Indy in any way you prefer. For instance, you can add more projects, use the built-in templates, sync all of your important contacts, keep track of your time by using Indy’s time-tracker, stay updated regarding your progress on a certain task, keep all of your documents and files organized in one place, set up calendars for each individual task, and so much more!


For just a couple of dollars per month, you can get your hands on a tool that will lead you to ultimate success. With Indy, you don’t have to worry about anything else. You are provided with all of the relevant tools and features that you will need to manage your business. Plus, all of this is available in an extremely affordable package!

You can try out Indy’s free plan in order to test the software and see if it is something you can work with. You can easily create an account on Indy’s website and start testing out all of their tools right away. Also, you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing anything. Indy has made it easy for you to use their platform.

Hence, if you are a business owner or a freelancer looking for something that will help manage your projects and tasks, then give Indy a try. You will definitely fall in love with it, similar to how many of its users have already done so.


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