5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Logo and Why It’s Important

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Logo and Why It’s Important
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Imagine that you are making plans to create and grow a business. For sure, the logo is the last aspect you will think about. However, a logo is one of the integral parts of success, along with the creation of a modern website, the presence of a high-quality product, and a customer service department.

Why is such a small detail on par with such essential milestones in the business? The logo is the first impression of you among clients, investors, and partners; this is your brand identity; this is what separates you from your competitors; this is what the love and loyalty of the audience are built to.

A prime example of a successful logo design is Coca-Cola: 94% of consumers worldwide recognize this brand by looking at the label. Using the example of this company, we will prove the importance of branding your business and find out what a logo means its purpose, and its advantages.

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Logo: Functions, Meaning, Goals

Before we dive into the main idea of ??our article, let’s find out what a logo represents since not everything you see on a label is a logo. A logo is an identifying mark. In other words, a logo is a trademark of an organization but not a standard set of symbols or an attractive picture.

What are the functions of a logo? This element has more than 20 functions. However, marketers highlight just a few significant features:

  • Actual function – responsible for visual communication between the visitor and the company.
  • Expressive function – focuses the visitor’s attention on the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Referential function – conveys basic information about the organization and its product or service.
  • Impressive function – affects the emotional component of the consumer so that the logo is preserved in his memory.
  • Metalinguistic function – draws the visitor’s attention to the symbolic evaluation of the logo.

What is the purpose of a logo? The most crucial goal pursued by the emblem, according to JatApp, a company that knows how to increase conversion rates through visual effects, is brand promotion. Experts believe that the emblem perfectly advertises the brand, as the logo appears everywhere: on the storefront, on the website, on products, on business cards, on social networks, and on other media. The second goal is brand protection – all logos must be legally registered.

Benefits of the Logo

Logo Benefits
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There are such benefits of a logo:

  • Difference from competitors and recognition. The high-quality design will help you stand out from the crowd of competitors and increase your brand awareness.
  • Audience trust. You can grab customers’ attention if your business has a concise and bright symbol.
  • Aesthetics and uniqueness. A high-quality logo will create a unique style for your company’s products.
  • Legal guarantee of property. A logo is an excellent form of protecting property rights.

As you can see, in its meaning, the logo is second only to the company’s name. However, in many cases, the logo is superior to the company name – remember the Apple identification mark.

Main Motives to Get a Logo for Business

Today, the logo is used by all industries: music, education, construction, food, etc. No matter what field you are in, you should design your logo, and there are 5 reasons why.

Logo Helps Build Strong Emotional Bonds

Some logos can evoke a strong emotional connection with viewers – this is the main reason the logo is important. Since the logo is the first thing a person sees when they get to know your brand, this element is more likely to develop an emotional connection than information that is contained on a platform or brochure.

Every time a client thinks of a company, the first thing they will remember is the company logo. In the case of Coca-Cola, this brand will evoke pleasant refreshing memories: going to the cinema, going to a picnic, the sea, etc. In this way, customers become more loyal to brands they have positive memories of.

Logo Develops First Impression

The first impression is critical to business. According to Oberlo’s research, it takes consumers approximately 0.05 seconds to form the first impression of a brand after seeing a logo. Therefore, companies must take effective measures to ensure a positive result. The logo helps them with this.

Once you understand your target audience, you can develop an appropriate branding strategy to get the most out of your customers. In the case of the Coca-Cola example, we see that the emblem is bright, contains a unique font, and is easy to remember. Thus, customers can quickly identify the drink among other options.

Logo Provides Brand Professionalism

Clients turn into long-term business patrons only when they are confident in your reliability. Logos allow you to do this while promoting the brand. Most consumers do not focus on marketing campaigns or innovative strategies. However, visual effects, fonts, and emblems are of great value.

Clients who recognize the business’s logo through reliable persons or friends will trust the company without any extra considerations. Also, a professionally designed logo can achieve a high reputation in the digital and offline world.

Logo Attracts New Customers

Many customers prefer attractiveness over convenience or mere functionality. This applies not only to products or services but also to the logo. People will trust a brand with a colorful logo design more than a company with a dull, monochrome pattern.

Also, the design creates an impression of the company or its services to potential viewers. Indeed, when a client is unfamiliar with the company but notices an exciting logo, he is most likely to try to cooperate with the brand.

Logo Provides Competitive Advantage

The final logo advantage is an opportunity to stand out from the competition. Two brands competing with each other for a long time are Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Both brands produce a drink with the same composition. However, Coca-Cola managed to take a leading position. This is because the company developed a prominent typeface against a bright background.

Thanks to this contrast and complementary elements, potential customers experience increased interest in the brand and prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi. In addition, Coca-Cola was the first to develop such a design. Therefore, a unique logo is an opportunity to become irreplaceable for your customers.


In summary, we want to convey that the logo not only describes your company’s name but also inspires confidence among customers, tells about your company’s activities, and increases your product’s popularity. Only the right graphic image design using the necessary features allows your business to move in the right direction, increase the number of customers and become truly competitive.

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