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10 Ways to Use Brand Vision to Enhance Your Brand


Just for once think about the world’s richest, successful, or most influential people with great brand vision for example Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, etc. What did all of these men had in common? Well, there are quite a lot of common things like consistency, persistency, struggle but the most fundamental of them all was the Vision and the belief in that vision which eventually reflects into their business empires.

As vision creates purpose in an individuals’ life, which is the hope to achieve the dream which keeps a being motivated to the purpose, it is the same for a business. Brand Vision is an extremely integral part of any Brand. Do remember a Brand is bigger than the Company, as the Brand communicates and gives value to the consumers, not the company, Brand Vision is much more important than new entrepreneurs or old school company owners realize.

Let’s look at one of the finest Brand Visions of a company; the vision was A computer on every desktop, and in every home.Guess which Brand had this Vision? The Brand was Microsoft. Look at how perfectly they have achieved their vision and continue to achieve more. Brand Vision is the basis or the guideline of what you have to accomplish in the next 5, 10 or 20 years.

Just notice that these statements aren’t just a combination of words meant to create a marketing strategy. Brand Vision statements aim to change or improve the world in some way. They say a lot plus are quite bold, but they’re also reachable too.

Brand Vision is the whole idea behind where a Brand should be headed? What direction should be taken? What steps should be taken to achieve the Vision? How and when should the Vision be revised? Like Microsoft had to change their Vision after they accomplished their goal of worldwide technology access.

Here are some steps to keep in mind to use your Brand Vision to boost your Brand:

Simple And Clear

Simple and Clear Brand Vision

First and foremost make sure your Vision is easy to understand and clearly states what the goal is, this is mostly for internal clarity, as all the departments or your employees need to understand what the Vision and Aspirations are.

Everyone in the business or firm needs to understand and realize that this is what the business vision is and we collectively have to achieve it, therefore it should be simple so that everyone can understand it. The Vision statement of Tesla isTo create the most compelling electric car company of the 21st century ’. This is extremely clear and understandable as to what the company is about and what it has to do.

The day your employees understand your Brand Vision that is the day you collectively work towards it improving the Brand to achieve the goal.

Short And Unambiguous

Brand Vision Short and Unambiguous

Vision should not be a whole page of details of what The Brand Vision is nor it should be a paragraph, it should be a single statement, it shouldn’t be a step by step guide it should just state the final goal so that the whole company realizes in which direction we have to work to achieve the objective.

Unambiguous means that it is not open to any other interpretation, it is not open to how people perceive it. Everyone should understand it as it is meant, brand vision should be clear.

Tesla said to make the most compelling electric cars, there are no two meanings to that. The whole team should be on the same level of understanding of the Vision to enhance the Brand to the next level and to eventually reach the goal.

Aspirational But Achievable

Brand Vision Aspirational But Achievable

To motivate your employees or your partners to act as a team to achieve the vision and to improve the brand, everyone should aspire towards making the brand one of the best and to achieve the objective, however, it should be attainable.

Goals should not be something all fake and not attainable. Let’s take Tesla’s Vision, it was to make the most compelling electric cars, it stated its niche as well  It should not be something like ‘to be the best auto manufacturing company’, this feels unattainable. Motivate your team with an attainable and aspirational vision.

Vision To Mission

Brand Vision and Mission

To boost your brand you have to remember to inspire your mission which is what does your business or brand needs to do right now, it can be anything to launching a new product line, a new flavour, a new campaign anything, but it should be a mission to accomplish your long term goal which is the Vision.

The whole Brand needs to understand that the day-to-day tasks or the missions are derived from the Vision which is your final destination and you have to market your brand towards the Vision.

Vision To Strategy

Brand Vision to Strategy

Devising different strategies from time to time is essential, as when COVID-19 stopped the whole world, the strategy which some companies took was to put all their resources to working online. Those who were successful in getting their business online did not suffer such huge losses as the ones who didn’t work on it.

Now, for instance, McDonald’s vision is to provide inexpensive fast food, though in Covid lockdowns they could not operate dine-ins, therefore they focused all their energy on deliveries. So the company needs to realize that the Vision is not changeable, hence you have to make strategies according to the long-term objective.

Vision to Campaign

Brand Vision to Campaign

Campaigns are an integral part of building a Brand, hence remember you always have to work on campaigns, marketing campaigns are the best way to remind a consumer about your brand. A marketing campaign could be anything Tesla launching a new car, McDonald’s offering discounts, etc.

Develop new campaigns keeping in mind the Vision of the brand, this helps your brand grow and gets you one step closer to achieving the Brand Vision.

Stay True To The Vision In And Out

Brand Vision In and Out

There are and always will be a lot of ups and downs in the business as you grow your brand, and you would want to compromise or think that I am aiming too high, and other stuff like that which brings you down.

The Brand needs to dream big to achieve it, never aim for the ground, always aim for the sky. No matter what the Dream is the whole Brand and the Company should believe in it and be honest to it, only then can you give value to the consumers who are the core of the Brand Vision. Do not compromise on the Brand Vision and always be honest to it.

Encourage Growth

Brand Vision Encourage Growth

The company should craft a Brand Vision that will boost the development of the Brand, the whole team and the company itself should get motivated to grow into a bigger brand according to the Brand Vision. Brand Vision should be a statement that motivates and encourages growth.

Revision Of The Mission

Brand Revision and Mission

Keep in mind a lot of huge Brands failed as they could not change revise the Brand Vision and couldn’t adapt to the changing world, for example, Nokia, they could not adapt to the trend of the new technology and smartphones.

Although the Brand Vision is for the long term, it should be modified if the changing environment requires it, make sure the Brand Vision is according to the changing times as the demand of the consumers revolves with time.


Brand Vision Communication

Lastly, and most importantly communication is of great essence in growing a brand in line with Brand Vision. The whole team behind the Brand should understand the long-term goal, and that happens when the Vision communicates to the whole company what the goal is and where the Brand does intends to reach it.

On the other hand, communication to the consumers should be clear and should resonate with the Brand Vision, the consumers need to realize what the Brand is and what value it gives, and when the consumers start believing in your Brand, that is when your Brand reaches the next level.

A brand can make or break, just by how strong the belief and how true the whole firm is to the Brand Vision, these are the 10 ways a business should utilize the Brand Vision to achieve greater heights and finally to accomplish its goal in this new era where after COVID-19 digital branding is on the boom.

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