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35 Funny Print Advertisements

Creative funny print advertisements are effortless ways to put a Smile on Face. We all watched lots of digital TVC ads and some were really hilarious and clever with hidden message. Funny ads make your brand or product more attractive and eye-catching. The funny print advertisements are the fastest way to communicate the message to the world. Print advertising continues to be a strong market, companies spending dollars to make their ads really creative and inspiring.

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Funny Print Advertisements

For any company trying to get their product or service out in print format, the task is ever more challenging and difficult. An advertising posters ad campaign starts with a creative idea, but must be brought to life with clever art direction and great visuals. Today we’re rounded up 35 Funny Print Advertisements poster designs by highly professional graphic and advertising agencies.

1. Boss, Dracula, Hannibal

This professional campaign titled ‘Boss, Dracula, Hannibal’ was published in Brazil in October, 2015. It was created for the brand: Citroën, by ad agency: Havas.

Funny Print Advertisements - 1

2. Molotov cocktail, Flamethrower

Funny Print Advertisements - 2

3. USP Thematic Campaign

A thematic campaign created for somabay, redsea, egypt. featuring its outstanding peninsula, offering a great experience through its five hotels, unique homes and the amazing activities.

Funny Print Advertisements - 3

4. Don’t be a Translazy

Funny Print Advertisements - 4

5. End The Cycle

Funny Print Advertisements - 5

6. Don’t kill yourself over craft

A print ad that wins an award at the Cannes Lions or gets.

Funny Print Advertisements - 6

7. Shark Finning

Tampa based agency PPK announces a new partnership between the Tampa based agency and DC-based Animal Welfare Institute to bring awareness to the growing problem of Shark Finning.

Funny Print Advertisements - 7

8. Dunkin Donuts Creative ads

Funny Print Advertisements - 8

9. Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day is the counterpart to Valentines Day, and it is celebrated around the world on February 15th. It has been coined a mainly humorous holiday for singles, or even for those who oppose the nature of the February 14th token ‘Hallmark Holiday”.

Funny Print Advertisements - 9

10. Clover Long Life Milk

We visually demonstrated Clover Long Life Milk’s core product intrinsic – it last longer, through a series of simple print ads that uses the packaging to show other things that are known to have a long life span.

Funny Print Advertisements - 10

11. Calcalist PeripheryTech

Funny Print Advertisements - 11

12. McDonald’s Missed you!

After the shut down in Austria – McDonald’s reopened their restaurants on May 15th. Therefore we created this print ad which shows a pot with noodles that reminds of the famous McDonald’s fries packaging.

Funny Print Advertisements - 12

13. The best route is the one taken with safety

Funny Print Advertisements - 13

14. Sad but true

Every year, 100.000 marine creatures die from plastic entanglement, globally. It’s a big number. It’s a sad number. But it’s a real number. This print ad was created on behalf of AllForBlue, in order to raise awareness on the impact of plastic use in marine life.

Funny Print Advertisements - 14

15. Koleston Lips Print Ad

Funny Print Advertisements - 15

16. What’s your second most beautiful dream?

Funny Print Advertisements - 16

17. Drugstore Home Creative Print Ad

The idea of this print ad is to show that the pharmacy is available on the smartphone or on the internet through the online store, making it easier to not have to leave home.

Funny Print Advertisements - 17

18. Better keep those strands in order

In order to announce a hair wax that keeps the hairstyle intact, this series of print ads compares hair and electrical wires, which are easily tangled.

Funny Print Advertisements - 18

19. Wrestler, Sumo, Gorilla

Spit is an international brand that provides professional fixing solutions. The campaign highlights the robustness of Spit products through 3 strong and funny visuals that express the brand competitive advantage.

Funny Print Advertisements - 19

20. NO FEAR Creative Ad

Funny Print Advertisements - 20

21. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Awareness and care can make all the difference!

Funny Print Advertisements - 21

22. National Road Safety Week 2023

According to the World Road Statistics report India has the highest number of road accident fatalities, which is a major concern for the government. To spread awareness about road safety, National Road Safety Week is observed every year from January 11 to 17.

Funny Print Advertisements - 22

23. Power in interactivity

Funny Print Advertisements - 23

24. Parkinson’s Makes Life Difficult

Funny Print Advertisements - 24

25. Spoil the Royal

There are moments in life when you realize it’s not about you. It has never been. As humans, we are simple, stupid servants to our superior ‘Majesticats’. Just to have a small stroke of their fabulous fur, or receive a subtle nod from their godlike eyes.

Funny Print Advertisements - 25

26. Anti-Pollution Print Ad

Anti-Pollution Project For Delhi College of Art Vision: In these campaigns, I have shown the different types of pollution which are causing danger to the atmosphere.

Funny Print Advertisements - 26

27. Don’t Wear It Out

Funny Print Advertisements - 27

28. Built to Be Bullied

Funny Print Advertisements - 28

29. Questionable Filters

The pandemic has changed the way we work and socialize. We are living in the screen age–Zoom, Google Meet, Teams–communicating via video more than ever before. This social behavior has brought about something that can be funny, cute, weird, and even embarrassing: filters. (Just ask that lawyer with the cat filter.) So, no matter what filter you choose, your smile should always be on point.

Funny Print Advertisements - 29

30. Volvo Super Eyes

Funny Print Advertisements - 30

31. The Sound of the Street

The purpose of this print ad, is to present the musical side of the SEAT brand, through “beats” sound system.

Funny Print Advertisements - 31

32. Rock-Hard Funny Print Advertisements

Funny Print Advertisements - 32

33. Street artists wanted

Funny Print Advertisements - 33

34. We Help You See The Truth

Funny Print Advertisements - 34
Funny Print Advertisements - 34

35. Draw The Line : Don’t Smoke

Funny Print Advertisements - 35
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