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35+ Great Examples of Website Design

Website design is constantly evolving, and as we look ahead to 2023, there are several emerging trends that are likely to shape the digital landscape. One major trend is the continued emphasis on mobile-first design, as more and more users access the web primarily through their smartphones and tablets. This means that websites will need to be optimized for smaller screens, with a focus on clean, minimalist layouts that prioritize content over flashy graphics.

Another trend is the increased use of augmented reality and virtual reality in web design, which will allow users to interact with websites in entirely new ways. This technology will enable designers to create immersive, engaging experiences that blur the line between the digital and physical worlds.

In terms of aesthetics, we can expect to see a continued shift towards bold, bright colors and typography that makes a statement. This will be accompanied by a move towards more fluid, organic shapes and asymmetrical layouts that break free from traditional grid-based designs.

Finally, we can anticipate a growing focus on accessibility, as designers seek to create websites that are usable and enjoyable for all users, regardless of their abilities. This will involve careful consideration of factors such as color contrast, font size, and navigational elements to ensure that everyone can easily navigate and engage with the content on a website.

Overall, the trends that we are likely to see in website design in 2023 will be driven by a desire to create more engaging, user-friendly experiences that take advantage of new technologies while remaining accessible and inclusive for all users.

There are many great examples of website design that showcase the latest trends and best practices in the field. One example is the website for Apple, which is known for its clean, minimalist design that puts the focus squarely on the products and services that the company offers. The use of bold typography and simple, intuitive navigation makes it easy for users to quickly find what they are looking for.

Another great example is the website for Airbnb, which uses stunning imagery and engaging storytelling to create an immersive experience that inspires users to travel and explore new places. The use of user-generated content and social proof also helps to build trust and credibility with potential guests.

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Website Design Examples

In this article, there are 35+ Great Examples of Website Design with Modern Web Design Trends Of 2023:

Let’s take a quick look at some amazing new trends of web design in 2023 to keep in mind when designing your next web design project.

MissJourney Web Design

If you ask AI to visualize a professional, less than 20% are women. MissJourney is an AI alternative that celebrates women.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 1

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Tapioca DAO Web Design

New website for Tapioca DAO – the first omnichain money market, powered by LayerZero. Turn the sound on.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 2

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New York Shoe Repair Web Design

DD.NYC® created an elegant and unique digital presence for Express Shoe Repair, NYC’s leading family-owned shoe repair business.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 3

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Web Design Trends 2023 - 4

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We Think Elastic Web Design

We help brands grow faster through impactful storytelling, strong visual identity and fluid digital experiences.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 5

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Cartier End Of Year Web Design

Discover Cartier’s End Of Year site, a reflection of the elegance and the beauty of Cartier’s moments.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 6

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Studio Be4 Web Design

Every company has a story to tell. Every company is a story to tell. As a creative agency, our work is telling these stories.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 7

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CyberBrokers Web Design

Welcome to The Core – the central hub for all things CyberBrokers, dive into a future cyberpunk world.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 8

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Squarespace Singularity Web Design

Squarespace is a website that makes websites. The Singularity is upon us. Celebrate by making a website with Adam Driver.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 9

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Memo App Web Design

Memo is a language learning app that uses videos and memes to teach you.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 10

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DenDerty Web Design

Many of our gang like the work of ‘DenDerty’. We decided on our own initiative to file a presentation site for a cool musician.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 11

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The Silly Bunny Web Design

A highly immersive and interactive digital experience that blurs the line between the real world and fairytale.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 12

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Spectral Finance Web Design

A new financial primitive built for the Pseudonymous Economy.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 13

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Castor & Pollux Web Design

Since 2010, We have written brand stories, crafted brand identities and make them alive on the web.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 14

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Mathijs Hanenkamp Photography Web Design

Mathijs Hanenkamp is a portrait and documentary photographer, based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 15

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AZZERAD Web Design

Web Design Trends 2023 - 16

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KMBCH Web Design

KMBCH is an e-commerce promotional website for fermented non-alcoholic, slightly fizzy tea drinks.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 17

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ET Studio Web Design

We are ET Studio. We are a creative duo and every day we work to spread beauty by creating holistic experiences that improve people’s lives through design, copywriting and education.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 18

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Carolina Herrera Virtual Store Web Design

Discover the Carolina Herrera virtual fragrance shopping experience in New York City.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 19

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Bandit Web Design

Built for runners by runners, Bandit has been evolving the experience of running in NYC.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 20

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Atria Web Design

Atria is powering a movement for proactive, preventive healthcare informed by cutting-edge science and technology.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 21

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Aura Web Design

Motion, creative coding & micro animations were the key ingredients Onda used to design & build Aura’s website, a new Web3 product.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 22

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Crosswire Web Design

Building the next generation of information security through identity-first access management.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 23

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Miro – Print brokers Web Design

Web Design Trends 2023 - 24

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we-flow Web Design

Design, engineering, marketing and data science: we-flow supports organizations achieving value-consciousness and autonomy.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 25

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Hind-Laskos Entertainment Web Design

Positioned at the axis of talent and content across film, television, music and beyond.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 26

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The SILVER FCTRY is a fashion-centric metaverse that showcases AMBUSH’s latest collections and creative vision.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 27

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Trendbook – TOP10 martech trends Web Design

3D animation site where you will find a description of 10 technology trends for 2023 and more than 50 inspiring video case-studies.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 28

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Deduxer Studio Web Design

Website redesign for a creative design studio based in Moldova.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 29

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Sede Blockchain Web Design

Sede Blockchain is the corporate site of a company dedicated to custom blockchain solutions.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 30

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OFFFICE Web Design

Portfolio website for Office For Future Furnishing, a design and research studio working digital and physical spaces.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 31

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Babylone Web Design

Web Design Trends 2023 - 32

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Readymag Round-up 2022 Web Design

Readymag design tool wraps up 2022 by organizing its most significant updates into an interactive digital editorial.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 33

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Watwell Web Design

Presentation site for the innovative drinking equipment manufacturer.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 34

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The Sandman Web Design

Longread based on the comic book about the adventures of the lord of dreams, which made Neil Gaiman a cult author.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 35

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Propel Web Design

Propel sets sail to be the revolution in electric boat propulsion, and reimagines and redesigns marine propulsion as we know it.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 36

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The Digital Panda Web Design

A 3D interactive experience to show off The Digital Panda’s portfolio.

Web Design Trends 2023 - 37

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Overall, these examples showcase the power of effective website design to create engaging, user-friendly experiences that build trust and drive conversions.

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