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E-Commerce Website Design in 2024 and Beyond: The Importance of Aesthetics

E-Commerce Website Design

Many articles dedicated to the e-commerce community include rather technical suggestions in order to increase inbound hits and to enjoy higher profit margins. Of course, these tips and tricks are often worth their weight in gold from a purely practical standpoint. It is still important to highlight how aesthetics play an equally important role.

What are some of the ways in which you can enjoy higher retention rates while simultaneously providing your portal with a visual appeal? We will examine a few “behind-the-scenes” tips before discussing a handful of graphic design suggestions to contemplate.

The Power of Third-Party Website Design Platforms

Let us assume that you have already performed a great deal of brainstorming and a clear picture has begun to emerge in terms of how your site should appear to the public. Transforming this vision into a tangible reality can be challenging if you do not have technical experience. Furthermore, designing or redesigning a site will require a great deal of time and effort.

Third-Party Website Design Platforms

These are the two reasons why using a professional ecommerce website builder such IONOS is the best strategy to avoid any unforeseen problems. Not only will these systems provide you with an intuitive edge, but the sheer variety of design templates can provide your portal with a visually appealing edge.

Look for Inspiration Elsewhere

It can be difficult to appreciate which designs are the most appealing to the general public. This is why searching for inspiration with the help of the online community is never a bad idea. There are plenty of award-winning websites which display the latest aesthetic trends and these are also excellent ways to better appreciate the broader principles of web design. While you obviously cannot outright copy their layouts, such portals might still be able to point you in a different direction.

Bento Boxes

Sometimes referred to as bento grids, bento boxes first began to emerge as a mainstream design option in 2023. Many feel that this popularity can be at least partially attributed to how the Apple iOS system has employed them within their devices (such as the iPhone 14 Pro).

Bento Grids Website Design

Bento grids are actually nothing more than a series of boxes. Each of these boxes contains dedicated information. Clicking on the associated icons will thereafter open up a new page or window. Bento boxes are playful, simple to navigate and will provide your site with a streamlined appearance.



This is another unique concept to consider if you wish to provide your site with a distinct flavour. Retro-futurism combines nostalgic elements (such as graphics associated with 1980s gaming consoles) with advanced user interfaces. The main intention here is to appeal to a wide range of audiences while simultaneously boosting the amount of time that a visitor will spend on each page. Pinterest provides a host of examples for those who wish to learn more.

A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words

E-commerce website design should adopt a synergy of functionality and style. Not only will this enable your brand to stand out from its competitors, but there are simply times when a bit of housekeeping is in order.

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