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How To Download Videos and Music Like a PRO, From Any Site

How To Download Videos and Music

As a creative, I use any commute time to watch or listen to interesting things and soak in inspiration or unwind. Over time, I’ve tried different ways to download YouTube videos, movies, music, and podcasts to fuel my work and downtime. But, for anyone who’s tried using online browsers or downloading videos using manual workarounds by digging through the website’s code, saying it was time-consuming and very frustrating is an understatement.

Direct downloads from apps wouldn’t cut it either –  videos and music are stuck in one place and playlists depend on paying for a subscription, or a creator keeping their content on that platform. Not to mention, you’re never able to modify these videos or use them in creative projects.

So I soon came to the conclusion that the best way to download my content would be through a third party app, and out of all solutions, YTD Video Downloader proved to be a game-changer.

It quickly became one of my favorite tools, letting me download anything I wanted to listen to or watch, without being tied down by the source it came from. Its ability to download from so many platforms — from   YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to the more niche sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo — has opened up a world of content.

How to use YTD Video Downloader to Save Content from Any Place

Using YTD Downloader is free – I now use the paid version, but the free app can go a long way to support your downloads. Here’s how to use it:



Step 1: Install YTD Video Downloader

First things first, you’ll need to download and install YTD Video Downloader on your device.

It’s compatible with multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. The installation process is straightforward and quick.

Step 2: Look Up the Content You Want to Save

Whether it’s a tutorial on YouTube, a movie, a playlist, a funny skit on TikTok, or a soothing soundtrack on Vimeo, go to your content of choice and copy the URL.

With YTD, you’re not limited to just one platform – you can curate content from almost any source.

Step 3: Paste the Link

Open YTD Video Downloader (it works on any device) and paste the copied URL into the input field. This step is really as simple as it sounds.

Step 4: Choose Your Quality and Format Preferences (Video or Audio Only)

Before you start the download, YTD offers the option to choose the video quality. Choices range from 720p all the way up to 8k, depending on the original video’s resolution. This feature is particularly useful for designers and creatives who may need high-quality videos for their projects or personal archives.

Bonus Tip: Converting Video to Audio

For those times when you find a great video but only want the audio, YTD makes it easy to convert the file. Just select the MP3 format before downloading, and YTD will automatically convert the video to an audio file, perfect for creating playlists of lectures, interviews, or music. There’s also an option to automatically delete the source file after conversion.

Step 5: Download and That’s It!

With your preferences set, hit the “Download” button. YTD Video Downloader will do the rest, saving your content to your device.

You can even download videos in batches, entire YouTube playlists, saving you time if you’re looking to download multiple pieces of content at once.

After your downloads are complete, you can access them directly from your device, anytime and anywhere, without needing an Internet connection. This makes it incredibly convenient for those moments when you’re out of Wi-Fi range or when data is at a premium.

YTD Video Downloader keeps your content organized and easily accessible, turning your device into a portable media library.

The process for downloading content is straightforward, whether it’s a single YouTube video or an entire playlist. The same goes for music.

How Much Does it Cost?

YTD Downloader’s free version is a gem. But for those of us who need more power and speed, YTD’s paid plans offer enhanced features:

  • Lite Plan: Ideal for casual use, with very decent download speeds and a daily limit that suits occasional needs. 1x download speed, 3 downloads/day.
  • PRO Plan: A step-up for the avid downloader, offering unlimited downloads, faster speeds, and more format options. 2x download speed, unlimited downloads and the ability to convert to any format. Featuring double the speed of the Lite plan, unlimited downloads and all the formats unlocked, the Pro plan offers arguably the best bang for your buck in terms of speed and convenience.
  • PRO Ultimate Plan: The ultimate choice for professionals who demand the highest quality and fastest download speeds, making it perfect for designers and creatives who rely on a vast digital library. 4x download speed, the ability to download 8K videos, plus all the features that come with the YTD Pro plan. Since Ultimate allows users to download videos in the highest possible quality, this is the best plan for professionals (marketing specialists, designers & any creative fields) who rely on extensive digital libraries in their day-to-day jobs.

Here you can get the premium YTD Downloader version.

Why Use YTD Downloader? 

Great For Content Creation (not Just Entertainment!) 

As a creative, I like to have the ability to download and modify content to fit into my projects. It’s about integrating these elements into my work.

With YTD, I can choose the format and quality of the videos I download, from 720p for quick drafts to 8k for high-definition projects. This flexibility allows me to ensure that the content not only fits the technical requirements of my projects but also maintains the standards I’ve set.

Many projects require a blend of visual and auditory elements. YTD makes it incredibly easy to convert videos into audio files, enabling me to use high-quality sound bites, music, or dialogue in my projects. This feature is especially useful for background scores, podcasts, or any project that benefits from a rich audio landscape.

The bottom line is that YTD Downloader supports the creative process from ideation to execution. Whether it’s for personal inspiration, entertainment or content creation, YTD helps bring creative visions to life.

YouTube Videos and Shorts Disappear All the Time 

We’ve all been there: you find a YouTube video that perfectly explains a complex topic, or captures a rare live performance. You save it to Watch Later, only to discover it’s been taken down. Even with a YouTube Premium subscription, there’s always this risk of creators removing their content.

YouTube Videos and Shorts

With YTD Video Downloader, I’ve managed to build a personal collection of these resources. No more disappearing acts—just the peace of mind knowing my favorite content is mine to keep. YTD Video Downloader offers a sense of security and convenience that’s hard to beat.

Convert YouTube playlists and Podcasts to Audio for Your Commute 

Streaming tunes during your commute sounds great until you hit a dead zone or max out your data plan. I’ve turned to YTD Video Downloader to convert online music into offline playlists.

Saving Those “No-Save” TikToks or Instagram Stories 

TikTok is a gold mine of creativity, but not every video offers a save option. I’ve used YTD Video Downloader to preserve those videos that are too good to let go.

You Have Movies for Every Trip 

Travel often puts us at the mercy of internet availability and streaming rights that vary by region. Not to mention how expensive it is to have a social media break in some travel destinations.

Before I discovered YTD Video Downloader, being stuck on a plane without my favorite movies was a regular travel woe. Now, I download films in advance, and every trip is an opportunity to catch up on my watch list, guaranteeing entertainment in the air or on long road trips without relying on mobile data or desperately searching for Wi-Fi hotspots.

YTD Downloader, Your Ultimate Tool for an Unlimited Media Library

YTD Video Downloader makes it easy to build your own media collection tailored just for you. You can organize videos, music, podcasts, and more by your interests, themes, or whatever you like. This custom library then serves as a source of inspiration, entertainment, and education, available to you anytime, no matter if you’re online or off. It worked like a charm for me, and I’m sure it’ll work just as well for others.

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