Author: Muhammad Faisal

I'm Muhammad Faisal founder of GDJ and co-founder of FPD. I love all things having to do with WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS, or jQuery. And really enjoying to writing articles on web design and typography. You can catch me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Learn Color Theory in Modern Web Design

Web Design

In the ever-evolving landscape of web design, color theory remains a fundamental pillar. The judicious use of colors can significantly...

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15+ Best Minimal Resume Templates

Design, Inspiration, Showcase

Simple and minimal resume templates are visually appealing due to their clean, uncluttered look. They utilize ample white space, clear...

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23 Fresh Free Fonts for Graphic Designers That You Won’t Want to Miss

Fonts, Freebies

Graphic designers are continually on the lookout for unique, fresh free fonts to breathe life into their creative visions. In the...

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Best Responsive WordPress Themes – 20 Themes


The responsive WordPress themes are templates designed to adapt and look great on all screen sizes and devices, from large desktop...

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Fresh Free Fonts – 25+ Fonts For Commercial Projects


In the fast-paced world of design and creativity, the right typography fonts can make all the difference. The fresh free fonts...

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50+ Award-Winning Websites to Fuel Your Creativity

Web Design

Award-winning websites serve as beacons of innovation, creativity, and excellence in this field, offering designers and developers an...

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Mobile App Development Trends That Are Expected to Roll Out In 2024


The world of mobile app development is in a constant state of evolution. As we approach the year 2024, the industry is poised to witness...

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25+ Best Handwritten Script, Signature and Brush Fonts

Inspiration • 2 Comments

The best handwritten script, signature, and brush fonts offer a wide range of possibilities for graphic designers and creatives alike....

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29 Remarkable Hand Lettering Typography for Inspiration


In a world where digital technology dominates the way we communicate and create, the art of hand lettering typography has found a new...

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