Post Thumbnail of Make Content look Impactful with different Web Design Techniques

One of the unanimous truths of the web world is that content is the king. However, in order to present this content in the best possible manner, it is important to implement contemporary web designs in the website. A content marketing strategy is incomplete without powerful web design as the …

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Post Thumbnail of Top 20 Web Design Mortal Sins You Should Avoid

There are guidelines, quality checkpoints and best practices available. However, as the old adage goes, nothing or no one is perfect. That includes web designers. As systematic and methodical as web page designing is, there are rooms for mistakes. Nevertheless, that does not mean that web designers shouldn’t strive for …

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Post Thumbnail of Useful Web Design Trends in 2013 Every Designer Ought to Know

2012 will come down in history as one of the golden years in the practice of web design. Innovativeness and creativity flourished and web designers all over produced some of their best works ever.

So, the question in everyone’s mind is: what are the web design trends that 2013 will …

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