Author: Muhammad Faisal

I'm Muhammad Faisal founder of GDJ and co-founder of FPD. I love all things having to do with WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS, or jQuery. And really enjoying to writing articles on web design and typography. You can catch me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

25+ Best Fonts For Graphic Designers


Selecting the best fonts like sans-serif, slab, and script fonts can significantly impact the overall look and feel of design projects....

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10 Must-Have Free Fonts for Design Enthusiasts

Fonts, Freebies • 2 Comments

Nowaday high-quality top free fonts are...

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Amazing Digital Paintings By zbig wolowiec

Inspiration • One Comment

Today we are featuring a great freelance artist, illustrator, portraitist “Zbig Wolowiec” with his amazing...

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15+ Best Google Docs Resume Templates

Design, Inspiration • One Comment

In today’s competitive job market, creating an outstanding resume is essential to make a lasting impression on potential...

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50+ New Creative Websites Design with Amazing UIUX Trends

Web Design

In the ever-evolving world of digital experiences, web designers and developers continually push the boundaries to create stunning and...

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The Future of SEO: What You Need to Know to Stay Ahead


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving field, and businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve need to be aware of...

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30 Professional Business Card Templates – Print Ready Design

Design, Inspiration

In a fastest growing business world the most lasting tools to make a positive impact is a professional business card templates. A modern...

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How to Evaluate a Warranty For Homes


Home warranty companies can be tricky to evaluate, as you should take several factors into consideration when doing so. When examining...

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The Importance of a Graphic Designer for Every Real Estate Business


The 21st-century real estate market is officially online. An industry that initially relied on traditional marketing is now heavily...

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