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Post Thumbnail of 25 Best Things about Alexa

What is Alexa ranking?

Alexa is owned by Alexa rank websites and blogs on the basis of certain factors and traffic they receive. Alexa traffic rank updates on a daily basis. Lesser rank is considered to be better.…

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Post Thumbnail of The Power of a Logo in Web Design

Logos are important to all businesses. They give potential clients a snapshot of the company: what it does, its values and its sensibilities are all reflected in a good logo. It is one of the few things that companies will put on everything from business cards to white papers, …

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Post Thumbnail of Cell Phones and Responsive Web Design

Cell phones or mobile phones are part of our lives now. The market for cell phones is growing every day and today cell phones have reached to the most remote areas of the planet. There are different types of mobile phones that are available and slowly the smartphones are taking …

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Post Thumbnail of Ecommerce Business: Metrics That Speak

Had you been running an eCommerce shop, you would be worried about its performance or the pace at which it’s growing every day. Great news, if you own one! I’m gonna talk entirely talk about your business here.

Before I start discussing anything, could you tell if your eCommerce store …

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Post Thumbnail of Corporate Color For Your Brand Or Business?

For every business, brand positioning is very important. However, that is not all, popularizing a brand as well as retention in the mind of the potential customers have a lot of advantages for a business. ¬†Contextually, according to the University of Loyola, Maryland, giving a color to a brand increases …

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Post Thumbnail of Bloggers should know how to write Good Quality Posts

A blog is a website to record opinions or information by one or multiple users. A blogger is the user that gives his or her opinion or information regarding a particular topic. Blogging has become a form of expression for many people throughout the world. There are various types of …

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