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Post Thumbnail of Kittl - the Design Solution

Kittl – the Design Solution

Are you searching a design solution?

Do you want to be an efficient designer?

If yes, then the Kittl design website is for you. You can easily design any kind of stuff you need. This website is quite resourceful. You can complete your design with …

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Post Thumbnail of Indy: Why Is It A Great Platform?

Whether you are a freelancer or someone who is starting a business of their own, you will definitely benefit from having a platform like Indy.

So, what exactly is Indy? It is a productivity platform with multiple helpful features, which are ideal for people such as contractors, freelancers, consultants, etc. …

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Post Thumbnail of How to Design and Create a Logo in Procreate

With the growing use of the Procreate application, with is popular and accessible to a lot of people nowadays, people are starting to wonder whether or not it can be used to create logos? And you might have heard people answer yes and no to that question! Well, that …

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Post Thumbnail of The Importance of Using Professional Fonts Design in Branding

Any brand needs to stand out from the competition while maintaining its identity. Therefore, design is based on integrity and recognizability as part of branding. Integrity here is the harmonious compatibility of the meanings embedded in the brand and its visual incarnations – logo, colors, composition, and fonts. This article …

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Post Thumbnail of How to Use Video in a Marketing Campaign

When developing a modern marketing campaign, incorporating video content is a must. Some of the biggest social media networks are 100% video-based (YouTube and TikTok, to name a few), and that’s not the only reason.…

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Post Thumbnail of Top 12 Leading SEO Trends to Boost Traffic in 2022

Since the arrival of covid-19, every business has been trying to become digital. They tend to sell their products or services by developing a website. For this purpose, they tend to do digital marketing for their companies. It is impossible without the incorporation of exceptional SEO practices.…

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Post Thumbnail of 15 Instagram Influencers In The Design Field You Should Follow

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration, or you want to get the low-down on the latest design trends available, Instagram is certainly the place to go.

With influencers constantly packing their feeds with fascinating and educative insights, you can easily learn a thing or two by following their profiles.…

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Post Thumbnail of Usability Mistakes: 6 Honest and Valuable Tips from a UX Designer

Usability is a crucial component in today’s business environment. Minor usability mistakes may annoy users, but major usability mistakes make it impossible to complete a task, giving your competitors an upper hand. But first things first, what is website usability?…

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Post Thumbnail of The Art of Web Scraping Public Data

Having more data can be beneficial to all businesses. With more information at your disposal, you can make better business decisions. Web scraping can help you get your hands on a lot of public data, which you can use to benefit your business in different ways.…

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Post Thumbnail of Instagram Trends That Will Dominate Ecommerce Marketing In 2022

Instagram is just one of the many social media platforms popular nowadays. It is actively used by businesses and entrepreneurs to promote products or services and connect with potential customers. But as a visual content creator (designer, photographer, etc.), there are several ways in which you can approach Instagram.…

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