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Post Thumbnail of jQuery Validity Elegant and Powerful jQuery Plugin

Validity is a powerful and flexible jQuery form validation for making sure -on the client-side- that form values are just as expected.

jQuery.validity is an elegant and powerful jQuery plug-in you can use to setup client-side form validation. Instead of writing validation manually or balancing some unwieldy server-side framework, validity …

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Post Thumbnail of AviaSlider jQuery Slideshow Plugin for Your Next Project

AviaSlider is a jQuery Slider plugin with very unique transition effects. AviaSlider jQuery Slider have different kind of sliding effects such as: Diagonal Blocks, Winding Blocks, Randomized Blocks, Dropping Crutain, Fading Curtain, Fadint Top Curtain, Fullwidth Fade Slider, Direction Fade Slider

Please feel free to join us and you are

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