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Visual LANSA by LANSA is an authentic, low-code integrated development environment (IDE). A low code is a type of software development method that requires minimum to no coding to build processes and applications. Visual LANSA is a simple, upper-level programming language that is used to develop web, mobile, and desktop …

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Post Thumbnail of 9 Tips For An Effective Mobile App Design

Mobile applications with a compelling design strike a chord with users almost instantaneously. Achieving such a design, however, is anything but easy. Knowing this fact very well, we’ve collated this blog outlining several important mobile app design tips to help you break through the noise with your next app. …

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Today mobile applications are playing an essential role in helping businesses in catering a large customer base. Having a visually stunning mobile app isn’t good enough. For a truly successful mobile application, a user-friendly interface must be in mind.…

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