Post Thumbnail of Flawless Website Navigation? Easier to Accomplish Than You Might Think

Website requirements sometimes require complex solutions, or so it would seem. Web designers, on the other hand, seek simple solutions. These “simple” solutions typically involve following best practices. They are basing an overall design on simple and logical structures.…

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Post Thumbnail of 13 Easy Ways to Build a Small Business Website

More and more small businesses seek an online presence every day. They are opening up a wealth of opportunities for freelance web designers. The competition can be fierce, however. It’s not only other freelancers that want a piece of the action; larger website building teams do as well.

The fact …

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Post Thumbnail of How to get to a 4-Hour Workday by having 260+ pre-built websites

You might have heard a lot about making money doing practically nothing. Or how working from home a few hours a day can put an end to your financial problems. In most cases, it’s either hype, or it’s a scam designed to relieve you of some of your hard-earned cash.…

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Post Thumbnail of Be: Boost Your Potential in Web Design

It’s a fact: as a web designer, you have all the freedom that you need in order take on a great variety of projects. However, you may need to expand your expertise so that you can provide your services to different clients at once. This article is meant to reveal …

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