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30 Creative Animal Mascot and Logo Templates for Inspiration #75


Creative vector based mascot logo templates. They are colorful fully editable and scalable logos without losing resolution. Animal logos...

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23 Colorful Illustrated Animal Logos

Logos • One Comment

Andriy Yurchenko is our featured designer of the day on GDJ. In this posts, we will showcase his 30 logo marks for...

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PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOUR – Why that colour?

Resources • One Comment

Well, it’s only visible when the sun shines or the light’s on…outside, at night, everything fades to grey and we see very little...

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25 Colorful Logos and Logo Designs

Logos, Showcase • 4 Comments

People tend to remember a colorful logos and logo designs at a much higher rate than nearly any other advertising...

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100+ Logo Designs – Logos For Inspiration

Logos, Showcase • 22 Comments

Today we are presenting 100+ Logo Designs. It’s been month ago since my last post on ...

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Awesome Logo Designs: 50+ Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration

Logos • 7 Comments

Today we are presenting Awesome Logo Designs: 50+ Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration. ...

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