Post Thumbnail of Top 7 Headless CMS Platforms in 2021

If you are creating any kind of online assets like an app, catalogue, forum, blog or website; you will need a content management system (CMS). That is where you’ll manage all the images, designs, text and video associated with your project. We’ll explore the top 7 headless CMS platforms in …

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Post Thumbnail of Onboarding Remote Employees Can Be A Cakewalk: Here’s How

Onboarding has never been a cakewalk. With remote working as a corporate arrangement, challenges only seem to get more tough.

There are plenty of factors that require immediate attention when it comes to getting new employees on board. Making them feel welcomed and helping them get ready for performing on …

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Post Thumbnail of 71 Icon Sets: Huge Roundup of Web, CMS, Mobile App Icon Sets

Icons are the basic requirement of any web related projects and good icons are like a treasure for web designers. If you are looking for that perfect icon for your web site, blog, web app or application, you will find them here.  The icons have been split into …

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