Post Thumbnail of LMS: Need for the Construction Industry

In the past, training was a time-consuming and expensive process. Large corporations and businesses were the only ones able to provide their personnel with adequate training. Before technological advancements, training required organizations to set up a classroom with an instructor, materials, and other resources for a physical training program. E-learning …

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Post Thumbnail of How microlearning can benefit your organization?

Historically, employee training relied heavily on a lecture style of teaching where the employees had to reach the training session on time, listen attentively to the instructor, take down notes quickly and wait until the next day to get their doubts clarified. The duration of courses was dependent on the …

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Post Thumbnail of Why should educational institutions adopt an LMS?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are software programs that allow teachers to create lessons, assign them to students, track their progress, and provide feedback. They can be used to deliver content from any online course provider or even offline resources like textbooks. LMSs are great tools for educators who want to …

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Post Thumbnail of Why You Should Study for an MBA?

The MBA is a graduate degree that provides a wide variety of both general and specific skills, but it’s not for everyone. The benefits of an MBA can be very different depending on the person; some might want to use their new skills in business, while others might want to …

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Post Thumbnail of Why should a University adopt an LMS?

Most of the universities are way ahead compared to others after adapting to the e-learning culture. Despite the growing demand for e-learning, some universities haven’t incorporated it into their teaching style yet.

With online learning, students from different parts of the world and different time zones can take up the …

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