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Modern trends: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive and Flat design

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Because of the phenomenal ascent in the utilization of versatile apparatuses, we are seeing a surge of sites that are intended to deal...

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Freebie: 45 Flat UI Design Elements

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In case you are attaching to flat design then plan...

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Beauty of Flat Designing and Its Advantages

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Image based designing is turning out to be very popular these days. Actually through your website, you are mirroring your business to...

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Flat UI Design – Rejuvenating the Look of Electronic Devices

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From the latest app to the most clutter-free websites, this design has had resurgence of late. It has brought along with it, amazing...

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25 Flat Devices with Free PSD Mockups

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What is Flat Design? Flat design means designing without the usual gradients, pixel perfect shadows, and skeuomorphism...

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