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Beautiful Flat Icons (90 items)

Icons • 20 Comments

Today freebie is beautiful set of Flat Icons. Flat...

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Freebie: 45 Flat UI Design Elements

Freebies • 15 Comments

In case you are attaching to flat design then plan...

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1200+ PixelPerfect Free Mini Icons, Best For UI Design

Icons • 3 Comments

Today freebie is a big list of Mini ...

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Free Flat Icons Set for Websites, Apps and Infographics

Icons, Vector • 10 Comments

Today freebie is beautiful pack of ...

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Beauty of Flat Designing and Its Advantages

Articles • 10 Comments

Image based designing is turning out to be very popular these days. Actually through your website, you are mirroring your business to...

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40 Beautiful Flat Icon Sets For Web UI Design

Icons • 9 Comments

This simple design school does not employ any three dimensional effects. This means no embossing, bevels, drop shadows, gradients or...

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Flat UI Design – Rejuvenating the Look of Electronic Devices

Articles • 3 Comments

From the latest app to the most clutter-free websites, this design has had resurgence of late. It has brought along with it, amazing...

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25 Flat Devices with Free PSD Mockups

Freebies • 4 Comments

What is Flat Design? Flat design means designing without the usual gradients, pixel perfect shadows, and skeuomorphism...

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35 Flat Icons and Web Elements for UI Design

Freebies, Icons • 20 Comments

Today freebie is a huge collection of Flat Icons, ...

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90+ Beautiful Flat Icons of Social Media

Icons • 25 Comments

Today freebie is Flat icons, A complete set of...

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