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110 Vector Social Media Icons – Freebie

Icons, Vector, Vector Graphics • 31 Comments

Today’s freebie is a 110 vector social media icons, It’s a clean vector icons pack of the most popular and beautiful free social...

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200 Free User Interface Design Icons

Icons • 6 Comments

Perfect free user interface design  icons set contains pretty much every icon you will ever need while designing a...

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100+ Handcrafted Free PSD Icons

Icons • 5 Comments

100+ handcrafted free psd icons design by Martin Karásek, a user interface and icon designer from Prague, has a...

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25 Easter Egg Social Media Icons

Icons • 5 Comments

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150+ Hi-Qty Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

Icons • 2 Comments

The Working Group has created a set of pixel-perfect iPhone toolbar icons and released them for free.


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100+ Free Web UI Element PSD Icons Pack

Icons, Resources • 2 Comments

The 100+ free web elements PSD icons set is focused on web UI design elements and items including icons including...

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150+ Beautiful Web UI PSD Icons

Icons, Resources • 5 Comments

The 150+ beautiful web icons (PSD) set is focused on UI design (web development) and items including application,...

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70+ Hand Crafted Pixel UI Icons Set with PSD

Icons, Vector, Vector Graphics • 7 Comments

Perfect hand-crafted pixel UI  icons set contains pretty much every icon you will ever need while designing a basic...

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500+ Mono-Colored Vector Icons

Icons, Vector, Vector Graphics • 4 Comments

The 500+ mono-colored vector icons set is focused on UI design and items including application, arrows,avatar, badge,...

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100 Free Symbly Gamification Icons Set

Icons • 9 Comments

A free set of Foursquare-inspired gamification badges using tasty Symbly icons. These are great if you are building...

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