Post Thumbnail of The Periodic Table of Leaflet Design (Infographic) – A Visual Guide to Designing the Perfect Leaflet

Creating a well-designed and effective leaflet is often much more difficult than it initially sounds.

Not only does a leaflet have to look good (in order to stand out from the crowd), but it also has to fulfil the objective(s) of the organisation for which you’re creating the leaflet.…

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Post Thumbnail of Responsive Design: Getting It Right [Infographic]

Technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous in today’s consumer market.  Browsing and shopping occurs on computer, tablets, and smart phones.  With over 2 billion mobile-broadband subscriptions, responsive design that works well across multiple devices is crucial to help consumers become customers.

When developing a responsive site, grids of information …

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Post Thumbnail of Mac and PC Users Difference - INFOGRAPHIC

The humble infographic is a sure-fire way of taking meaningless data and showing it in a colorful, picture-laden way and this one is no different. Originally put together by Hunch and reported by Mashable, this particular infographic shows the results of data taken from 700,000 users visiting The …

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