Post Thumbnail of Sell your Courses with the FREE LMS WordPress Plugins

From learning how to cook pasta to understanding the Python language, online courses have an inseparable place in our life without spending a great deal.

Online learning has a wide range of options to pick on. While sitting at home, you can learn a new language, sharpen the existing skills, …

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Post Thumbnail of 10 WordPress Plugins that Greatly Enhance User Experience

When your website is the only touch-point between you and your customer, the user experience can make or break the situation.

It is imperative, therefore, that a good-looking and more intuitive website leaves a lasting impression and thus helps you increase your user base.

WordPress today, is the biggest website …

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Post Thumbnail of How To Choose The Best Free VPN?

Anonymity is something that is hard to achieve in the digital world because we are all so connected. When you want to know more about a person, simply go to his or her social media page, do a Google search, and even use people search sites that provide all public …

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Post Thumbnail of Ipapi: IP Targeting Made Easy

Gone are the days when mass marketing was considered to be effective. Now, micro-marketing has taken over. We don’t just want our communications to be relevant to our needs. But, we also need them to be pertinent to our cultures and region.…

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Post Thumbnail of Creating a Customized Experience with Ipstack

At this world and age, it is important to deliver differentiated service. As the world is moving to digital platforms, this is getting quite difficult. After all, tailoring an in-store experience to a given customer is easy via human interaction. But, what do you do when different people visit your …

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Post Thumbnail of What are the 10 jQuery Plugins for creating flip effects?

jQuery, as most of us know, is a JavaScript library that assists in the client-side HTML scripting process. As such, jQuery happens to be the most popular JavaScript library that is usedby developers in the world.

Not so long ago, Adobe’s Flash was the ultimate tool that was used for …

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Post Thumbnail of New Essential UI Design Tools & Resources for Web Designers

Here we have useful user interface design HTML5 tools and jQuery plugins which can make your UX design more impressive.

Read more about HTML5, jQuery and JavaScript:

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Post Thumbnail of Tutorial: Create a Responsive Slider with Sequence.js + Live Demo

Over the last few years, jQuery has become a new standard for how we present content and images in an eye catching and organized manner on the web. Because of being easily customizable, light-weight and having unlimited possibilities, believe it or not, it’s being used by 60.5% of all websites

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Post Thumbnail of Useful HTML5, JavaScript Tools and jQuery Plugins

Today here we have the fresh and useful tools and resources of HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery,  which are very helpful for both designers and developers.

HTML5 is an extremely useful markup language for enhancing user experience and usability. It is becoming more and more popular, as a web developer or …

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Post Thumbnail of 20 Fresh jQuery Plugins

The jQuery developer community has to be one of the most wonderful programmers community of hardworking people on the web. They’re constantly churning out amazingly useful and completely free plugins and libraries that they share with anyone and everyone who wants to use them.

jQuery Plugins are very useful for …

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