Post Thumbnail of 35 Free Flat Graphics and Web Elements for Designers

Great new collection of Flat design graphics and free web interface design resources for designers. Many websites, graphics and mobile apps are using Flat UI. Flat design trend is very popular and its become more attractive and beautiful with Long Shadow. In this post, I just gathered a …

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Post Thumbnail of Flat Designs and Long Shadows Design

Flat user interface design has been very popular with designers in the last few years. Flat design became popular because it is not chaotic and has a minimalistic approach towards the design. Flat designing removes all the extra elements and features in a web design like graphics, sounds, gradients, 3D …

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Post Thumbnail of Long Shadow in Flat Design: 50 Beautiful Examples

Long shadow a new trend after the flat design. The trend is impacting UI elements and icons the strongest, and designers also start using into other parts of website design and mobile user interface.

Long shadow design has been mostly used in icons and logos. Shadows live within the …

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