Post Thumbnail of 150+ Free High-Res Low-Poly, Geometric and Polygonal Backgrounds

I hope you will enjoy my last two articles (low-poly tutorials and low-poly portrait illustrations) which was almost cover the latest and hottest trends in web and graphic design industry.…

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Post Thumbnail of Learn How to Create Amazing Low Poly Art in Photoshop & Illustrator (12 Tuts)

Here we have some of cool low poly illustrator and Photoshop tutorials to create low-poly portraits, illustrations, textures and game characters. In these tutorials you will learn different techniques to get that low-poly style that has been popping up around the web lately.…

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Post Thumbnail of 25 Amazing Low-Poly Portrait Illustrations for Inspiration

Low poly is the hottest trend these days and everyone talking about 3D model style illustrations. What is Low-poly? Its a polygon mesh of a small number of polygons. Here we have some of the best examples of the low-poly portrait illustrations for inspiration. As a designer, I’m big fan …

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