Post Thumbnail of Why should a University adopt an LMS?

Most of the universities are way ahead compared to others after adapting to the e-learning culture. Despite the growing demand for e-learning, some universities haven’t incorporated it into their teaching style yet.

With online learning, students from different parts of the world and different time zones can take up the …

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Post Thumbnail of Miro - The Online Whiteboard That Changed Working From Home

We’re living in uncertain times. The pandemic doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon and a good chunk of the working population is stuck at home. This means that both companies and people alike had to adapt to a new normal – working from home. In this context, we have …

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Post Thumbnail of Best Colleges to Study Graphic Design

Over the last several years, graphic design has gained more popularity worldwide and not because people have suddenly discovered their love for art. First, this is one of the key components in the IT industry for creating user-friendly design and experience for smartphone users. Secondly, this job can be easily …

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Post Thumbnail of Best SEO Training Course for Beginners by Yoast with Online Certifications

Search Engine Optimization training offered to people seeking their business to flourish worldwide it includes managers, executives, and entry-level employees. To increase the site traffic plus to get yourself to be seen on Google and to learn how to get quality visitors this online marketing tool is introduced. Well if …

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