Post Thumbnail of How Smart Devices Can Make the Jobs of Designers Easy

Smart devices have become commonplace in today’s world. At least one study shows that 64 percent of Americans own smartphones and 42 percent own tablets. Designers should recognize the power of smart devices so they can use them to make their jobs easier. Here are four ways designers can start …

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Post Thumbnail of Are Smartphones Replacing Digital Cameras?

Photography used to be associated with film, cameras and other expensive equipment used by professionals and enthusiasts alike. These days though, mobile phone photography is rising in popularity. Instagram can back up the claim with over 100 million registered users who have shared more than 4 billion photos that document …

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Post Thumbnail of 650+ Minimal Icons For Web & Mobile Devices

Defaulticons released elegant, visually unified, minimal icons with crystal clear clarity, based on black color. It Can be used for UI design on web,  mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android compatible devices, other smartphones etc) , desktop applications, and generally any kind of electronic or mechanic machinery interface.

Minimal icons …

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