Post Thumbnail of How to Make Icons and Logos with Figma: Some Tips?

Any design system must have icons as a fundamental component. We can understand and use digital items more easily thanks to these tiny, linguistically neutral symbols. Each one serves as a modest building block to produce larger, more intricate components.…

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Post Thumbnail of How to Create a Mobile Friendly Website with Qards

Flat. Responsive. User scenario. UX. UI. Patterns. Grid. Flow. iA. Mockups. These are only few buzzwords for anyone who builds responsive websites. If you aim to be one of these guys who rock the digital world, than stick to us and find out more.…

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in jQuery
Post Thumbnail of Full Page Background Image Navigation (Slide Effect) with jQuery

This full page jQuery navigation that has a background image slide effect with a different position, The background image sliding direction from the list item in the middle will depend on which item the user was before: coming from the right, it will slide from the left and vice versa. …

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