Post Thumbnail of 8 Web Design Tips to Lower Your Bounce Rate

A website is a core component of digital marketing strategy. Nowadays, your website is the first thing anyone would visit to know about the organization. If your website is getting continuous traffic but is not able to convert those visitors into customers or they “bounce off“, the problem …

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Post Thumbnail of How To Choose The Best Free VPN?

Anonymity is something that is hard to achieve in the digital world because we are all so connected. When you want to know more about a person, simply go to his or her social media page, do a Google search, and even use people search sites that provide all public …

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Post Thumbnail of How VeePN Makes the Internet Safer to Use

With everything going digital it is becoming increasingly important for us to protect ourselves. You become vulnerable to cyber attacks once you go online, hence some sort of protection is required in order to stay safe. That is what a VPN or Virtual Private Network is for. It creates a …

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