Post Thumbnail of How Website Graphics Can Help You Reel Customers In

Customer service is invaluable. It is an integral factor that determines the success of a business as it enables your customer to keeps coming back to you. Customer satisfaction is only earned when you ensure that your customer is happy with your services and the overall customer experience. As technology …

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Post Thumbnail of Useful Web Designing Tips for Web Designers as Per 2016 Trends

In today’s world, the designs of websites are rapidly changing and becoming advanced day-by-day. But every coming year brings a new style with several existing trends moving with us towards the next year while many others are left in the past.…

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Post Thumbnail of 14 Free Creative Form Designs

JotForm has recently released a Form Designer app. One of the things they have done to find bugs on the Form Designer was to do internal form design hackathons called “Theme-a-thons”. During these events, JotForm employees had 24 hours to come up with great looking forms. And they sure delivered.

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Post Thumbnail of 9 Web Designing Styles that Appear to be Fading in 2014

The flourishing web technology and Internet offers incredible benefits that aren’t just helping businesses to generate greater returns but has also provided users a more powerful and secure medium, which helps them accomplish their task with greater convenience.

Indubitably, web technology has evolved as a boon to innumerable businesses. Nowadays, …

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Post Thumbnail of Latest Web Designing Trends of 2013

Web designing has always kept on changing.  With the advancement of technologies, website has witnessed a complete transformation. Where online marketing is hugely increasing and thousands of new companies are on the go to compete in this global market, it’s has become quite challenging to grow more visibility to attract …

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Post Thumbnail of 8 Web Designing Practices Every Designer Must Avoid

The introduction of the internet has benefited the business industry a lot more than any other industry. The internet websites have provided the businesses a chance to market their products and services to a larger audience without having to work very hard. Nowadays, creation of websites that appeal to the …

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Post Thumbnail of Big Typography in Web Designing (30 Examples)

Today we are rounded up big typography in web designing (30 web design examples) for design inspiration. I looked at over thousands of really inspirational big typography web design today so I thought that I would share some with you and then make a series out the idea.

Typography has …

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