Post Thumbnail of Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting: Is it good enough?

Congrats on being ready to start your own website! It is such a big, beautiful step that has the potential of completely changing your life for the better! Yes, it requires a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of work and definitely dedication and perseverance, but it is going to …

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Post Thumbnail of Cheap Shared Hosting: Why it’s Ideal for your Small Business

Ever heard of a Swedish proverb that goes like “shared joy is double joy”? Bet you have, but for something wonderful, like good news or a piece of cake. The proverb is also true in other aspects of life (or business) – like web hosting.…

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Post Thumbnail of 10 Formidable Web Hosting Providers in 2013

A good web host makes sure that your website stays online, because downtime affects your finances. The following list highlights some of 2013’s finest web hosting companies, for the purpose of providing a clear perspective on the current market.…

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