25+ Creative Design Icons Set for Web Designers & Developers

25+ Creative Design Icons Set for Web Designers & Developers
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Icons are the basic requirement of any web related projects and good icons are like a treasure for web designers.

If you are looking for that perfect icon for your web site, blog, web app or application, you will find them here.

High Quality Free Graphical User Interface Icons for Web Designer and Web Application Developers.

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List of Creative Design Icons Set for Web Designers & Developers:

1. Iphone GUI Icons

iPhone Icons

2. Colorful Stickers Icons

Colorful Stickers Icons

3. Colorful Stickers Icons – II

Colorful Stickers Icons II


4. B & W House Icons

black & White House Icons

5. Artistica Icons

Artistica Icons

6. Coquette Icons

Coquette Icons

7. Socialize Icons

Socialize Icons

8. Artistica Icons II

ARtistica Icons

9. Luna Grey Icons


10. Simplistica Icons

Simplistica Icons

11. Blossom Icons

Blossom Icons

12. Colorful Stickers Icons – III

Stickers Icons - III

13. Valentine Love Icons

Valentine Love Icons

14. Grungy Asphalt Icons

Grungy Asphalt Icons

15. Christmas Surprice Icons

Christmas Surprice Icons

16. Onebit Icons

Onebit free icon set

17. Milky Vector Icons

Milky Vector Icons

18. Basic Icons Set

Basic Icons Set

19. Developpers Icons

Developpers Icons

20. Function Icon Set

Function Icon Set

21. Real Vista Web Desgning Icons

Real Vista Web Desgning Icons

22. Tango Library Icons

Tango Library Icons

23. Web Blog & CMS Icons

Web Blog and CMS Icons

24. Vector Social Media Icons

Vector Social Media Icons

25. Set of Social Network Icons

Set of Social Network Icons

26. Software Icons

Software Icons

27. Vector Glossy Web Icons

Vector Glossy Web Icons

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Comments to 25+ Creative Design Icons Set for Web Designers & Developers

MFJ May 30, 2010

Awesome collection.. huge collection of icons.. thanks for nice posting.. keep it up.

jared thompson May 31, 2010

set 25 looks a really well designed set of icons love the round up 🙂

zunara Jun 1, 2010

Very nice article .Nothing to say about these icons.This time you collected great icon sets from deviant Art. I think whenever you place these kind of icons in your web site it will really attract your visitors and make them visit again.Thank for the sharing.

Sarfraz raza Jun 1, 2010

Thank you for this very nice post, I was searching this very same topic for a research paper for school and I am so glad I found this, It has helped me so much.

prepaid mobile Jun 26, 2010

With this great tutorial I will be able to create an aweseome design for my new wordpress site. Thx for this.

Khanh Pham Jun 4, 2011

Awesome collection,

But I believe that you forgot another awesome free icons set at : http://iconleak.com/shop-icon/free-icons

Check it and you won’t be regret.

Web Design Mansfield Jul 1, 2011

Some real nice collections there, always good to find collections, instead of mismatched one’s which look forced together.

Web Design Hull Sep 27, 2011

Really nice collection, I particularly like the three sets of colourful sticker icons… thanks for posting.

Conrad Dec 9, 2011

I’d like to submit another set – this one has been designed by our agency. Help yourselves and spread kreative love! http://www.kreativefactory.co.uk/free-set-of-glossy-web2-0-icons/free-set-of-glossy-web2-0-icons

Ovais Jan 11, 2012

Nice collection. And many thanks for sharing.

kursad Mar 11, 2012

Nice, Thaks

Dan Feb 27, 2015

Great sets of Icons!

If you would like to convert any icon to an ICO file you can do it for free here.

We, like you are in love with graphic design so enjoy our software.

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