34 Business Logo Design Inspiration #20

34 Business Logo Design Inspiration #20
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This is the another fresh and inspiring collection of logo design series. Earlier we are showcased thousands of business logo design, that gives you creative ideas for your branding or visual identity projects. Today’s we are gathered inspiring collection of business logo design created by professional designers from all over the web.

Logo design is the important part in any kind of stationary like leaflet printing, flyer printing, business brochure printing, letterhead and folders. So choose your company logo or branding with creative mind. It’s been weeks ago since my last article on logo designwith titled: 26 Business Logo Design Inspiration #19, was very popular and today’s eighteenth article of business logo design inspiration series for my readers and logo designers. Check out the full list of inspiring logo design series.

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Business Logo Design Inspiration #20

Logos is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand. The logo is one aspect of a company’s commercial brand, or economic or academic entity, and its shapes, colors, fonts, and images usually are different from others in a similar market. Logo Designs are also used to identify organizations and other non-commercial entities.

1. Caramuta

business logo design - 1

2. Jinn Branding

business logo design - 2

3. Finch motor technologies

business logo design - 3

4. 4DMIND – Logo Concept

business logo design - 4

5. Puntum. Photographer logo Design

business logo design - 5

6. Brewin’ apps Logo Design

business logo design - 6

7. Sladunitsa – Confectionery Factory Identity

business logo design - 7

8. Juke

business logo design - 8

9. Magyar Részvénykereskedelmi Nyrt.

business logo design - 9

10. Sletat logo Design

business logo design - 10

11. R-America Automotive – Identity Design

business logo design - 11

12. Castro’s Consultoria – Logo

business logo design - 12

13. Logo design for Vogas Barcelona

business logo design - 13

14. Logo design for Invirohub

business logo design - 14

15. Logo design for Socialicious

business logo design - 15

16. logotype PrimaVera

business logo design - 16

17. 3Five Media Branding

business logo design - 17

18. BA Champs Identity

business logo design - 18

19. Mahd Logo design

business logo design - 19

20. Proposta de logo

business logo design - 20

21. 1+1 Tours: Travel Agency Logo Design

business logo design - 21

22. Quipwave – Identity Creation

business logo design - 22

23. Conceptual – Imagen Corporativa

business logo design - 23

24. Good World Media – 2013 Logo Design

business logo design - 24

25. Logo Identity

business logo design - 25

26. O’kebab – Creative Logo Design

business logo design - 26

27. Logo Concept

business logo design - 27

28. Android Central Logo & Branding

business logo design - 28

29. Vulcan Body Trainer Logo design

business logo design - 29

30. Frametouch – re-branding

business logo design - 30

31. Fier creative

business logo design - 31

32. INSQUARED – Branding Concept

business logo design - 32

33. Linda Brasil – Abstract Logo Design

business logo design - 33

34. Field Office CI

business logo design - 34

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Comments to 34 Business Logo Design Inspiration #20

sunil Mar 30, 2013

Thanks a lot! for nice inspirational logo design. This will not only help me a lot but also a number of designers in their upcoming projects.

Ananya Mar 31, 2013

beautiful designs 🙂

Logo Design AU Apr 10, 2013

I was anxious to see an appealing logo design collection. I would like to thank you for taking time to post this beautiful logo design collection. Some of them really amazing!

MRS RON Apr 12, 2013

Your design are fantastic.
Can you help to design a LOGO for my new start up.
its called DAMENI for ladies wear.Tks.

Muhammad Faisal Apr 12, 2013

Hi Mrs. Ron,
Okay, I’ll help you to design your brand logo.
Please contact us directly at info[at]graphicdesignjunction[dot]com

Pete Jun 26, 2013

Thanx, some great ideas here… something to get my active

jahnethen May 30, 2014

Very beautiful post! I was eager to see an interesting stuff like that. I must appreciate this remarkable post.

latifa Feb 17, 2015

Glad to see one of my designs here
thank you

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