Free Download Google Nexus One PSD File

Free Download Google Nexus One PSD File
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Google Nexus One” is the name given to the most anticipated Android device from Google, the “Google Phone”, which is designed by Google and manufactured by HTC. According to the leaked hints, “Nexus One” would be launched early next year with many impressive features included. Nexus One running on 1 GHZ Snapdragon processor is a significantly fast smart phone with super high-resolution WVGA Amoled capacitive touchscreen, slim in design and will certainly be a tough competitor to the Apple iPhone and the Motorola Droid. One of the good things is that Google will be selling the unlocked version of Nexus One instead of tying it to a carrier.

Today we present’s Google Nexus One Hi-Res PSD file. Free Download.

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PSD Preview:

Here’s a preview of Google Nexus One Psd File:

Google Nexus One PSD File
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The download file  in a large PSD graphic.

License, Usage, and Sharing:

Free to use in anything non-profit, non-commercial. Post me a link in the comments if you use it in your project. Some of you have asked for the Droid & Droid: Eris. We’ll have to see how it goes. If you see something wrong with the .PSD, have a request for a product or just wanna say hi, please do! Feed back is encouraged.

  • Please link directly to this article for all sharing of the icon set.
  • You may not resell this set or any derivatives works from this set.
  • You may not upload this set to another website or offer it for download on another website.
  • Copyrighted materials in this set remain the copyright of their respective owners


Download the zip file with all icons below:
Download Google Nexus One PSD File

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Emily N. Jun 11, 2010

Hi, I’m very interested in Linux but Im a Super Newbie and I’m having trouble deciding on the right distribution for me (Havent you heard this a million times?) anyway here is my problem, I need a distribution that can switch between reading and writing in English and Japanese (Japanese Language Support) with out restarting the operating system.

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