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Related Posts Slide Out Boxes Menu with jQuery and CSS3

Today we will create a very useful element for showing related posts slide out boxes menus  in a blog or website. The main idea is to show a fixed list at the right side of the screen with some thumbnails sticking out. When the user hovers over the items, they slide out, revealing the title and two links, one for the related article itself and one for the demo. Additionally, we will have a shuffle button under the list. When pressed, the list gets randomly refreshed with related posts.

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Related Posts Slide Out Boxes Menu Preview:

Related Posts Slide Out Boxes Menu with jQuery and CSS3

Requirements: jQuery
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Demo: https://tympanus.net/Tutorials/RelatedPostsSlideOuts/
Download: https://tympanus.net/Tutorials/RelatedPostsSlideOuts/RelatedPostsSlideOuts.zip

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