Social Media Icons: Ultimate Huge Collection of Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons: Ultimate Huge Collection of Social Media Icons
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Social media integration has become an important part of modern web design.? And icons are one of the most useful methods of adding social media links to your site, whether you want to add only a service or two or dozens.

Icons are the basic requirement of any web related projects and good icons are like a treasure for web designers. If you are looking for that perfect icon for your web site, blog, web app or application, you will find them here.  The icons have been split into several categories, starting with the Amazing icon Packs, which is a round-up of our favorites.

In this post we’ve collected over 120 of the best free social media icon sets available. Although we’re sure you’ve seen many of these before, we’re also pretty sure that you’ll discover some great new sets here that you can use.

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Here is the list of Ultimate Huge Collection of Social Media Icons. enjoy

Grayscale Social Icons Pack

LinkDeck is a free set of social icons which has 37 x 5 items in grayscale color.

Wooden Social Networking Icons

New icons pack you will find 12 social networking icons in wood style in this pack. All icons are in Png file format, thay are in four different sizes: 16px, 32px, 64px and 256px.
In this pack are included Rss feed icon, Twitter icon, Facebook icons, Reddit icon, Technorati icon, Stumbleupon icon, Myspace icon, Lastfm icon, Flickr icon, Digg icon, Delicious icon and Blinklist icon.

Bulb Social Media Icons

25 Social Networking Icons

Sticker Style Social Media

This is my fifth “set” and my 14th variation for social media icons. It is, of course a sticker set. My intention was to obviously mimic the look and feel of a peeling sticker.

Jeans Pocket Social Media Icon

Jeans Pocket Social Media Icon Set

Social Network Icon Pack

Here’s a pack of more than 100 simple, modern, rounded-corner icons from Komodo Media.

Heart v2

A set of heart-shaped icons with subtle shading.


Here’s a set of 22 glossy, heart-shaped social media icons.

Pink Jelly Social Networking Icons

A set of 108 jelly-like hot pink icons.

Orange Jelly Social Networking Icons

An orange version of the Pink Jelly icons.

Green Jelly Social Bookmarking Icons

Another set of jelly-like icons.

3D Glossy Blue Orbs Social Media Icons

A set of 154 blue orb icons, with thick, light gray borders.

154 Free Glassy Space Social Networking Icons

A set of slightly-grungy, nebular-looking, purple icons in a variety of shapes.

108 Glossy Black Comment Bubble Social Networking Icons

Here’s a set of speech-bubble-style social networking icons with a black and yellow color scheme.

Blue Jelly Social Media Icons

Here’s another set of 108 jelly-style icons.

Transparent Glass Social Bookmarking Icons

A set of completely transparent icons that very closely resemble highly-polished glass.

Starry Site

A set of 16 rounded-point star-shaped icons.

25 Free Social Networking Icon

A set of glossy, rounded-corner icons with a narrow border.

High Detail Social Icons

A set of super-glossy, incredibly detailed 3D icons.

Social Buzz Icon Pack

A set of glossy, raised icons, many with rounded corner details.

Thinking Networks Icons

A set of modern, stylized people with speech bubbles that feature the logos of popular social networks.

Speckyboy Social Icon Set

A set of five glossy social icons, each with a unique design playing off the name of the service.

Premium Quality Free Social Network Icon Pack

A unique set of rectangular icons with rounded corners.

Gorgeous Mini Social Networking Icon Set

A set of 45 tiny social icons, with variations in design between the two included sizes.


Here’s a set of round, modern vector icons for 126 different sites.

20 Amazing 3D Social Icons

A set of stylized, angled 3D icons.

154 Blue Chrome Rain Social Networking Icons

A set of shiny blue icons with a raindrop effect.

Matte White Square Social Networking Icons

A set of rounded-corner icons with a subtle light gray gradient.

Socialize Icons

A set of sticker-style icons, round with a stylized fold-over.

Social Media Stars Icon Set

A set of glossy, pointy star icons.

CS Social Icon Pack

A set of stylish, glossy, leaf-shaped icons.

Icons Cloud

A set of multi-colored cloud-shaped icons.

Social Charms, Pack 1

A set of tiny, glossy, 3D social icons.

Social Charms, Pack 2

Another set of tiny 3D icons.

White Button Social Media Icon

A set of white, glossy icons with embossed logos.

Social Media Icons
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154 Silver Inlay Glowing Glass Icons

A set of transparent, glass-style icons with silver logos and glow effect.

Matte Black Social Media Icons

A set of rounded-corner icons with a slight gradient effect.

Glossy Orange Orb Social Media Icons

A set of bright orange round icons with white borders.

Web Social Icons

A set of round, boldly-styled social icons.

Social Media Icons
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3D Black Button Social Media Icons

A set of shiny black round icons, with white embossed logos.

Web2 Icons

A set of 23 iPhone-style icons from Fast Icon.

Elegant Themes Social Media Icon Set

Here’s a very comprehensive set of simple, elegant social media icons.


An 10-icon set based on Adobe Creative Suite logos.

3D Social Media Icons for Bloggers

These angled, shadowed, 3-dimensional icons are only made better by the fact they come in multiple colors.

Red Pearl Social Media Icons

Here’s a huge set of 108 round, red and pearl-colored icons.

Clear Bubble Icons

A set of 154 round, transparent and black social media icons.